This one time

This one time

This one time, when I was in grade 1. On a school day, I would be playing with my friends but today I just wanted to be alone, I was standing still and looking at the sun. Of course no one could look straight at the sun but I was still doing my best to try. Then these three girls named Jennifer and I don’t know the rest from my hazy memory. These three weren’t just any normal girls, they were like “Mean Girls” the movie and they were always bullying me, so most of the time I would stick to my friends but on this day they saw a lone prey wandering. They ran into me and we all tumbled on the ground hard so all of us were crying and the teacher came over and said”What happened here” and Jennifer was the first to respond “Mike here, pushed us” then It was my turn I said “I was looking at the sun?” Just remember I wasn’t the most popular kid and didn’t have much friends so was kind of shy. End result I was put on timeout while Jennifer and her friends were happily playing like nothing happened. Then this other time with those three girls, another normal day like any others, it was time to go to the library. I was holding the door for my classmates, a quick recap at our school we were all assigned a job from A to Z And I got the job to hold the door, Jennifer got the same job as me except she holds the door while a fire drill. Those three girls were last so when they pulled up in front of me, they yabbering about how I shouldn’t be holding like I was and that Jennifer should be holding the door and I stated that she was to hold the door while a fire drill and it isn’t a fire drill! We argued till the class I was in, was out of my site and then we stepped outside the class so I can close the door but even I react, Jennifer was already closing the door and my middle finger unfortunately was caught between the door and the door frame so when Jennifer slammed the door, the door bounced back off open like there was a powerful push and then a powerful reaction but it took my finger down, it was as a second before I realized what had happened when Jennifer screamed pointing at my finger, I saw my finger dangling off on 1 centimetre of skin I immediately started crying and then Jennifer instead of helping me she ran off to the class. It was the vice-principal who took notice and immediately took me to the office to call my parents and I was sent to the hospital to do surgery. My big bro once said to never argue with girls and he was right.


I'm Alfred!

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