These days

These days

These days, urban population is increasing uncontrollably, which causes the large number of problems in mega cities. Two of the most serious difficulties which not only governments but also individuals have to face are the overcrowding transport system and unemployment.
Firstly, overpopulation of cities is already creating an excessive burden on transport system. These days, almost of people use their own private vehicles, especially at the rush hours, which has led to the traffic jam in urban areas. For instance, travelers in China return from a national holiday which created a huge traffic jam on the outskirts of Beijing which is one of the most populous cities in the world. Participants said that for them, traffic congestion was the most terrible nightmare, because they have to face not only the bottleneck but also the heavy pollution. Therefore, in order to resolve this hot-button problem, individuals should use public transports, particularly shared buses and train rather than private vehicles. Moreover, the governments had better improve the community transportation and the quality of the road. Besides, they also should educate and encourage everyone to reduce the issues by using public vehicles regularly.
Secondly, the large number of population could rise the ranks of the unemployed in mega cities. The more people migrate to the big cities, the less job opportunities they get. Furthermore, it is believed that jobless rates have close connection with crime ones. When someone is lack of money, they can commit crimes such as robbing, kidnapped the rich, killing and social problems keep increasing. Hence, it is high time governments created many new careers for jobless people by building many factories or companies in the countryside in order to attract employees to return their hometown. In addition, the government ought to promote the quality of rural life because the facilities such as electricity, education, employment, health care and basic infrastructure still appear to be short in the countryside. As a result, rural people are migrating to the big cities in the hope of a better life.
By the way of conclusion, overpopulation of metropolitan areas has led to the traffic confession as well as the unemployment. Governments and individuals are responsible for tacking these problems.


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