There is one of the biggest problems facing us in Egypt which is over population

There is one of the biggest problems facing us in Egypt which is over population

There is one of the biggest problems facing us in Egypt which is over population, the steady increase in population is one of the major problems that plague the peoples of developing countries This problem first emerged in the last 70th century when Egyptians exploring oil, starting the construction process, economic changes, constructions, traditions, in addition to the emergence of new concepts of life (Sala et al., 2000; UN, 2015) according to This problem there is other problems that may occur to humans like affecting on health and poverty The ever-increasing population is devouring any developments that occur around us in the environment in various fields, whether industrial, food, commercial, educational or social (Harte, 2007).This essay will talk about the problems of overpopulation and causes increase in birth rate, internal immigration and also explain the effects like poverty and pollution
– Body Cause 1:
The problem is attributed to several factors, First, increase in births in 2016 by 22% for males and 22.8% for females. Increasing birth and reproduction, such as: increasing the number of children leading to the husband’s relationship, the desire to have children, the multiplicity of reproduction. And the prevalence of religious beliefs wrong in some groups of society, and the weakness of the conviction of the principle of two children for each family with the lack of clarity between the birth of two or three children of many families in addition to the desire of the family to have a child of any kind even if forced to have a third child to get Especially the male child, which is considered to be a wrong social heritage , second, migration: Many people prefer to move to developed countries where the best medical and educational facilities, security and work areas are available so, The number of people leaving the country more than the number of people entering. The result is that these people living there are getting cramped. (Newton, D. E. 2016)
Body effect 1:
The impact of population growth on the labor market: Population growth increases the supply of the labor force, but this additional supply does not contribute to increased production if it is not commensurate with available resources, but will lead to higher unemployment rates and lower wages. Low wages on the education structure of the population According to a Harvard study, “Over the next forty years, nearly all (97%) of the 2.3 billion projected increase will be in the less developed regions, with nearly half (49%) in Africa.”Unemployment is one of the biggest problems faced by all countries in the world because it is associated with the percentage of individuals who have the ability to work but lack the right job, which contributes to the income that helps them cover their basic needs of expenses and obligations that cause by their increased population, The increase in population leads to lower incomes and, consequently, to lower economic growth. Population growth negatively affects the development process. The ability of households and individuals to save and the low level of household income, compared with the number of their members, and when the size of savings in society is weak, the volume of investment is also weakening and the result will weaken the ability of the community to investment projects, which will hinder the process of economic development. On the other hand, the increase in the population contributed to the spread of the phenomena of poverty and unemployment among the Egyptians, the population increased from 72.8 million in 2006 to 76.1 million in 2009, then 104 million in 2017 and is expected to reach 140 million by in 2030, according to statistics of the Central system.

So there are some important things that occur because of the increase in population and the cause of internal migration and increase the birth rate and affect the society in terms of poverty and unemployment and some other problems, which must be decided to resolve As Harri Holkeri said “I do not want to speak about overpopulation or birth control, but I think education is the way to give new impetus to the poverty question”, soThe large population increase can be remedied and minimized by raising awareness among citizens and encouraging them to organize the family, and informing them of the dangers of this increase that could lead to a population explosion and loss of control. Although many believe that population growth is positive and favorable, Many indicators show the opposite, especially in light of the crisis in food, water, medicine and even housing, so this is a global issue and must be controlled in all countries and increase the number of educational programs that encourage the reduction of the number of births. Increase production and search for new resources. And the interest in providing jobs to eradicate poverty and the establishment of small projects, especially in slums and population increase

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