There are various ways accidents can occur

There are various ways accidents can occur

There are various ways accidents can occur, and with accidents you cannot completely prevent against them because they are accidental and even the highest level of work, and the most thought through risk assessments cannot completely eradicate human error. For example people could fall down stairs, even with flat shoes on just by misplacing a foot, a service user could burn themselves while smoking, or scald themselves on a kettle while making a hot drink just as we all do at home, it
doesn’t mean that the risk assessment is inappropriate, just that it was an accident. People could
always slip or trip while mopping and placing a wet floor sign, or just trip over it even though it is necessary to warn people of the wet floor. Someone could accidently swallow a hazardous substance, though for a service user to do this then it would suggest a low level of attention from the staff. Although you cannot be everywhere at once, and if an emergency arose in the house and demanded your attention, forgetting to put away the AX spray may well come to pass and someone could potentially drink some. Even with locking everything up in the COSHH cupboard service users can still access the soap dispensers in the toilets and such, though I imagine cases like that are very rare. As for sudden illnesses there are countless that could occur, but some of the more common ones that may happen in a social care setting are things like cardiac arrest, depending on the service users circumstances the defibrillator can be used to resuscitate them. People can come across difficulty with breathing, whether though cardiac reasons or respiratory problems this kind of sudden illness is common, and is always being watched out for by members of staff. Someone could have a seizure or stroke, which may lead to loss of consciousness, possibly from hypoglycaemia (when someone does

Evan Davies- Mansfield 30/4/14 5 not have enough sugar in their blood which supplies the brain and neuroglycopenia which is loss of function leading to dysphoria and loss of consciousness, possibly in rare cases even death. another form of sudden illness could be food poisoning or an allergic reaction to some form of food, food could have passed its use by date and therefore become harmful for human consumption or perhaps a nut allergy maybe have been overlooked.

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