Theodore to get the reputation that the US

Theodore to get the reputation that the US

Theodore Roosevelts first presidency came after assassinationof President McKinley. He was thought of as the first modernpresident because he was the first to get involved in foreignaffairs, with his Big Stick Policy. Other things he did during hispresident that are remembered for his Square deal,Hay-Pauncefote treaty, his corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, andThe Big-Stick Policy came upon after Roosevelt said thathis motto was to speak softly and carry a big stick.

After thisthe press named his aggressive foreign policy the Big-StickPolicy. Roosevelt acted boldly and decisively in several occasions in his attempt to get the reputation that the US is a world power. Imperialists liked his policy, but there were still critics thatdisliked the policy and favored noninvolvement in global politics.

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The Square Deal came upon after Roosevelts firsteconomic crisis. He demonstrated that he favored neitherbusiness or labor but insisted on a square deal for both. Thestrike of the anthracite coal miners was solver when hethreatened to take over control of the mines. The ownersdecided to compromise with Roosevelt and granted a 10 percentwage increase and a nine hour work day. Voters liked the squaredeal so much the election of 1904 was won decisively byThe Panama canal was another good thing he did while inoffice. Roosevelt had to get a treaty with Britain in order to beginto dig the canal without British involvement. In 1901 the HayPauncefote Treaty helped achieve just this.

Roosevelt supportedthe revolt in Panama in 1903 thus the new government ofPanama signed the Hay Bunau Varilla Treaty of 1903. Thistreaty granted the US long term control of a canal zone. The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine in 1904 wasanother application of the big-stick policy. Rather than let theEuropeans intervene in Latin America which would be a violationof the Monroe Doctrine he said that the US would intervenewhenever necessary. US sent gun boats to Latin Americancountries that were delinquent in paying its debts.

US sailorsand Marines would occupy the major ports to manage thecollection of taxes until the Europeans debts were taken care of. Over the next 20 years US presidents used this policy by sendingforces to Latin American countries which resulted in poor USrelations with the entire region of Latin America.Trust-busting further helped with Roosevelts popularity. He was the first president since the passing of the ShermanAntitrust Act in 1890 to enforce it. The trust he wanted to bustthe most was a combination of railroads known as the NorthernSecurities Company.

Roosevelt directed his attorneys to takeaction against Standard Oil and more than 40 other largecorporations. Roosevelt wanted to break up bad trusts whichwere hurting the economy and regulate good trusts which helpedRoosevelt accomplished many things throughout his terms. The things I mentioned above helped him become a goodpresident. He had most of the people on his side with the thingshe stood for and the laws he passed.

He set standards forpresidents to follow and will always be remembered for hisBibliography:

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