then there are going to be very high salaries resulting in economic downfall

then there are going to be very high salaries resulting in economic downfall

then there are going to be very high salaries resulting in economic downfall. And people will never care about each other anymore because no one will need anything from anyone. People will buy things they don’t even need, which will result in products shortage.” So, this maxim is not conceivable in real world ruled by universal law.
I will buy anything that money can buy, I will spoil my children, family and friends. I will go to places that I have never went to. I will spend carelessly because I know there is plenty where that money came from. That will lead to an unhealthy life style, that is the reason you find that most rich people are fat. So, I will not be able to act rationally on my maxim.
Whitey Basson did not steal 620millin but he worked hard for it, so if he did not steal it and he worked for it, according to Kant he did nothing wrong. Whitey Basson did a legal act under legal circumstance and he got a legal ending. According to Kant this is acceptable.
Basson worked hard for Shoprite and he does deserve to be paid a huge amount, however 620million it is just too much for an individual while groups of people are struggling in poverty. Worse part people who work in Shoprite earn little money. According to IOL news of 5 September 2011 “COSATU spokesperson Patrick Craven said In 2008, Basson’s total remuneration was R16.64m and R24.13m in 2009, so his 2010 income represented an increase of 2501 percent over two years.(” So my concern is why did he change to 2501 percent in 2010.
I think this is wrong, I once saw a picture of a poor fisher man fishing fishes one by one in the river, and the business man who took the bucket full of fishes at once, I didn’t understand back then but now I do. What Mr Basson is doing is the same as in that picture, I mean yes, he worked hard but combining the work of all the number of people working below him at Shoprite, they worked harder than he did. But they earn lesser money “According to payscale( annual average salary of Shoprite employees is R152 000” but Mr Basson makes R620 000 000, this is not fair.


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