Theme : Hygiene and Waste Problem

Watch Around You and Take an Action
Indonesia is a country with so many natural beauty. Indonesia has many mountains, beaches, lakes, and stunning sea floor. But recently, the problem about the hygiene and waste in Indonesia is very worrying. Environmental conditions are less organized and so many waste that difficult to decompose, so we should be aware of it.
Indonesia is the country with the most population in the world, with a total population of 237 million. It is estimated that 130,000 tons per day of waste will be generated. The waste that is not managed properly will result in disasters for the environment, humans and even animals. All living things will be threatened by the waste.
Reported by Indonesia has become the second ranked for the big landfill explosion disaster in the world after the biggest explosion in Payatas Landfill, Quezon City, Philippines on July 10, 2000 and killed 200 people and hundreds of people are still missing. The explosion that happened in Indonesia was at Leuwigajah Landfill, Bandung, Indonesia on February 21, 2005, 143 people were killed and 137 houses were buried with two villages were lost. It starts from the rubbish of the community, each of us produces 0.5 kg waste in a day without being sorted and processed first. Waste builds up and due to rain, the methane gas rises but its trapped and collects because waste does not have the properties to deposits the gas and contact with air. From here, there could be a flare to heat explosions. Garbage has negative and positive results. The negative impacts of waste include :
1. Health disease
2. Decreasing quality and environmental aesthetics
3. The generation of garbage that is smelly, dirty and scattered will make the environment bad for us.
And the positive impact, when we are creative in processing waste, we can create a project from used goods to help the community in the economic field and also waste can be used as compost for plants.
Nowadays, the problem of hygiene and waste is getting more serious and most of us don’t care. For example, when I saw someone littering and then scolded him but he just said “I just throw a little trash, is not much, nothing will happen”, just imagine if everyone thinks like that, the whole world will full of waste. And then if a disaster happens we can only blame the government that is less responsive. Is that how we act as good citizens?
That’s why I disagree to believe that the environment has been improved over the past fifty years. So it’s very important for us to be more sensitive toward the environment that we live in. keep our nature on balance. We can start from ourselves, many things we can do such as :
1. Dispose of garbage in the right place and arranged separately each waste and 3R garbage recycling (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle).
2. Saving electricity by saving electricity does not just save money it also save environment to become sustainable.
3. Stay healthy with a clean environment and reduce the use of plastic or items that are difficult to decompose.

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Even though the government has made various efforts, but it will not be implemented properly without our support. We have to participates in giving support to the government’s efforts and i just want to point out that let’s have to be able to collaborating with the community and government to form an environment that supports the maintenance of our earth with daily routines and schedules, it will lower the chance of damage to our environment. We could teach and raise awareness about hygiene and waste problems are our responsibility and let people understand how to prevent and how it can be fixed. Who knows how the world is in the next 50 years and what our grandchildren will experience in the future.


According to the SWI (Sustainable Waste Indonesia) from their website The Government of Indonesia in February 2016 then issued a Presidential Regulation concerning the Acceleration of the Development of Waste-Based Power Plants (PLTSa). Perpres numbered 18/2016 refers to 7 (seven) locations, namely DKI Jakarta Province, Tangerang City, Bandung City, Semarang City, Surakarta City, Surabaya City, and Makassar City. In the Perpres, the intended PLTSa is a power plant that uses new and renewable energy city-based waste that is converted into electrical energy through thermal process technology includes gasification, incinerator, and pyrolysis. It was also stated that the minimum capacity for processing waste with technology is 1000 (one thousand) tons per day. The acceleration of PLTSa development is targeted to take place in 2016 to 2018. To support the acceleration, this Perpres mandates the establishment of a Coordination Team, which is formed and chaired by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs.


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