The world is formed by connections

The world is formed by connections

The world is formed by connections, both positive and negative ones. A relationship is the manner by which at least two ideas, protests, or individuals are associated, or the condition of being associated. Connections come in numerous appearances, for example, family enrollments, fellowships, insinuate connections, on a bigger scale, common undertakings, and some more. Likewise, interests are a tremendous segment to connections; an ordinarily known intrigue as well as debatable subject is religion. Religion has united individuals since the very beginning. One situation, which incorporates a tie amongst religion and relations, is the short film, ” My So-Called Enemy”, which gets in contact with the connection between the Jews and Muslims in Israel and Palestine.
In this short film, the connection between six young ladies from restricting nations (Israel and Palestine) is endeavoring to discover peace in their “home of warfare”. After watching, watchers may make sense of that individuals who are instructed to be each other’s enemies can look past the awful and move toward becoming companions. For instance, one of the Palestinian young ladies, Inas cites, “When I see the Jewish girls as individuals, I love them and all of them are my friends…we talk every day, and we eat together, we dance together, and we see them always together. But when I remember that they are Jews, I have my feelings at the same time…because their people killed my father.” This shows that we’re taught at a very young age what to think about a group at a young age, yet we can think about them differently when were thinking about them individually. When there’s a Jerusalem explosion that kills seven, a Palestinian Israeli girl, Riyam says, “I did not go put that bomb there, they are blaming us indirectly, they’re blaming.. cause all they ever do is just victimize themselves.” Showing that she knows that people blame groups indirectly just as they were blaming the Palestinians. Another huge piece from the video is the point at which the six young ladies are in a circle hopping around together, yelling, “Sisters! Sisters!” Demonstrating the young ladies hopping in delight together showing how they genuinely found their tranquility and satisfaction, now withstanding their political and religious contrasts.


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