The workplace should be a place where people

The workplace should be a place where people

The workplace should be a place where people, find excitement and pleasure from what they do. But in the cases of some companies, their encouragement does not derive from the work that they perform. In the essay “High performance Happy” Clifford Oxford relates two types of Happiness found in work culture: Human Resources Happy and High Performance Happy. As related by Oxford, “Fast-growth success has everything to do with latter, and nothing to do with the former.” Oxford who is an entrepreneur, drove vital changes in the management of The United Parcel Service that resulted in the company retaining millions of dollars, he then later established and sold an international information technology company called STI Knowledge. He credits his success in these companies to a certain form of workplace happiness: High Performance Happy.
In “High Performance Happy” Oxford expresses that employees need to have a strong commitment to their job, which in turn enables motivation; Human Resource Happy, otherwise known as the weaker type of workplace motivation is explained by Oxford as, “showering employees with birthday cakes and team-building exercises that overwrite the main purpose of work motivation”. As stated by Oxford, many companies target their abilities on adapting Human Resource Happy. He defines Human Resources Happy as people in the workplace who are cursorily nice and fake being interested in the employees as “people”. High Performance Happy is described by Oxford as it mainly being based on what you are giving and what you are not going to get back.
Human Resource Happy, is the act of bosses being kind to their employees and in return they will want to work harder. However, whether or not the manager is kind to the employees, should not affect the employees drive to work harder, this in turn does not demonstrate employee motivation. The employees should want to work hard regardless of the managers attitude. Human Resources Happy also states that we should do what we want first, then do what is expected of us. This form of work environment, promotes a sort of laissez faire attitude, which promotes laziness. This is why employees who work under a HR happy work environment, may find it harder to work under the high performance happy work environment.
High performance Happy as defined by Oxford, is giving the employees a lot of responsibility and they are happy to show that they are the best. As stated by Oxford, High Performance Happiness “is an attitude with a skill set that says we are on a mission that is bigger than any one of us. According to Oxford one of the key aspects of High Performance Happiness is respect, and it is based on what you are giving, not taking, and as a result it helps build deeper relationships. High performance Happiness says that “I believe in you”.
Oxford finds it unlikely that the Human Resource Happiness mislead the employees to reason that Human Resources Happy care and like them, making them work hard to build the company. Tricking employees to get good service is rude yet beneficial, as they will perform well under pressure and not know it. H.R Happiness promotes the employees to have a harder time voicing their thoughts. H.R. Happy employees do not know how to deal with issues that bother them, they do not possess hard feelings, that prevents them from getting their feelings hurt.
A High Performance Happy job has its benefits, but working there can come with its challenges. In terms of making high goals, reaching existing deadlines along the way. Companies that use this method adapt a zero nonsense state of mind and analyze the potential advancements of the business that include the numbers. Employees will get screamed at but do not have the option of fighting back.
The employees responsibilities include meeting high goals, making deadlines, relating progress. Companies that adapt this strategy have a no nonsense mindset and look at the numbers, growth, and success of the company. Employees will be shouted at but cannot take it to heart, as they need to have limited emotions shown. a good attribute for high performance happy is time allocation and tideness. Performance may be delayed by failure to meet a goal or an error made when performing it.
In a High Performance Happy state of mind, an employee will be grateful for their employment. An employee will only need to keep themselves pleases and not the other individuals inside Human resource happy. It is crucial to be confident and have the ability to show it at work no matter what. Your work shows your true capabilities. Making the real work enjoyable so people take it as a pleasurable experience.


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