The word hybrid comes from the Latin “hibrida”

The word hybrid comes from the Latin “hibrida”

The word hybrid comes from the Latin “hibrida”, which means – a mixture. That is, an organism that is obtained by crossing genetically different parental forms. In our case, the parent form is an internal combustion engine , and an electric motor. One sentence: a hybrid car is a machine powered by an “electric motor – internal combustion engine” system, which is highly economical. This unit can be powered with both traditional fuel and electricity from batteries.

Each engine has its own specific function. For example: if a car is standing, for example, in a traffic jam, or it moves slowly, an electric motor will work. When the car picks up speed, it comes in the gasoline engine.

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Pluses of hybrid cars.
The most important advantage of hybrid cars is that they are very economical . As a rule, their fuel consumption is 25% less than that of traditional cars. And in the conditions of constantly growing prices for gasoline, this item is the most important.

The next most important item is environmental friendliness. Hybrids do less damage to our eco-system than regular cars. This is achieved by a more rational fuel consumption. Also, when the car is completely stopped, the gasoline engine stops working, giving initiative to the electric motor. That is, when stops, carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere practically does not occur.

Unlike electric car batteries, in hybrids, batteries can be recharged from a gasoline engine . Which makes its power reserve large enough. In addition, it is longer and without refueling gasoline.

Many people think that hybrids, according to their characteristics, are much inferior to traditional cars. This is not true. All the necessary characteristics (power, acceleration from zero to one hundred, and so on), they have no worse.

Best of all, hybrid cars feel in the urban cycle, in which there are very frequent stops and the engine works a lot when idling. Practically, in the city it works like an electric car. If we talk about the combined cycle, here they have no particular advantages.

What is a hybrid car. Pros and cons of a hybrid car. Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius – the most popular “hybrid” in Russia.
As already mentioned, if the car is in place, then it goes into the mode of operation of the electric motor. That gives almost complete noiselessness.

Well, refueling a hybrid car with conventional hydrocarbons, that is, gasoline . Everything is carried out in a standard way, as in traditional cars.


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