THE mind and body as I lie

THE mind and body as I lie

THE THINGS THAT ANNOY ME Like every week day , Thursday morning find me stuck in the fortieth minute of a time that should last fifteen . The prospect of being late for school the fifth time this week has already thrown in the bed mood , it worsens when I look out of the car to see what was causing the traffic jam. Controlling the police seems to be the last thing in the policeman’s mind as he converses animatedly with the drive of a bus, who soon hand him some bribe .

Disgusted by this sight and by the lungful of car fumes I inhaled, I settle back in my sit only to hear the retching noise made by someone performing his daily ritual of spitting on the road. When I reached school, a group of girl throw me suspicious glances and huddle together in whispered discussion. They must be filled to the brim with rumors and gossip about how I stole X’s boyfriend imaginary or how y broke my heart even more untrue .The teachers announces the mark of our last test, the student of the ‘bookworm’ genre start daggers looking at me because I secure more marks than they did the fact that they stayed up three nights to study for the test. Back to home in the evening. I am tempted to spend the eve of the weekend stretching out of the couch and watch a good movie . Two factors render this impossible.

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Number-one,certain members of the family glued to the television watching ridiculous indian soap operas about overdressed reached women. Number-two the teachers piled so much homework on my shoulders that I could not afford to west a single minute .As I sit with my books, the world suddenly throw in to a darkness.

It’s was a power failure and I m left with nothing to do but to sit in the sweltering heat of the summer night,worrying about the imminent homework crisis. At night , I am thankful for the opportunity to relax my mind and body as I lie down in bed. ‘’BANG’’! ‘’BOOM’’! ‘’CRASH’’! ‘’BOOM’’! ‘’BANG’’! ‘’CRASH’’! I forget that it was the eve of the weekend , and like every other weekend our neighbors had thrown a party filled with horrendous loud party music.

It seems to me that there was no end of the things that annoy me.

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