The term short-range wireless communication means communication at wireless PAN and wireless LAN

The term short-range wireless communication means communication at wireless PAN and wireless LAN

The term short-range wireless communication means communication at wireless PAN and wireless LAN.

Applications of WPAN include Bluetooth and Zigbee which are operated at the 2.4GHz band.

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Zigbee has been used in Japan for remote control applications that demand response.

For applications that continuously transmit data (i.e. sensor information from a gaming controller or music from a mobile device to a speaker) the fast communication speed of Bluetooth is particularly effective.

Enocean is a system for transmitting data without wires and also that it requires no power supply or maintenance, and instead uses stored energy to generate the small amount of energy needed from the environment (i.e. light, temperature difference).

The frequency changes with the region. In Japan this is differentiated as specified low power wireless using the 315MHz and 928MHz frequencies. In the US 315MHz and 902MHz are used while the EU adopts 868MHz.

Wi-Fi uses the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and provides fast communication speeds.

If this is combined with a communication distance of about a few hundred meters, make it the preferred method for using a wireless network for connecting to the internet in the home.

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) have been an increasing interest in people for supporting a new generation of all new computing systems with high potential for vast uses. However, the communication works differently in WSNs differ from the ones associated to old wireless networks, triggering the need for efficient wireless communication technology.
Several wireless technologies have emerged ranging from short and medium distance. Bluetooth, ZigBee and Impulse Radio Ultra Wide Band (IR-UWB) are three popular short range wireless communications. Due to its various features and advantages (especially low power consumption and low complexity), IR-UWB is a very promising wireless communication technology for WSN.
Advantages of this new technology (IR-UWB) for WSN is evaluated in terms of transmission time, data coding and power consumption compared to Bluetooth and ZigBee.
To analyze and evaluate the main features and advantages of IR-UWB as an efficient short range wireless communication technology for WSN, MiXiM platform is used under OMNet++ simulator.

NFC is short for for Near field communication

NFC is used for short range wireless technique which is used to carry secure two-way transaction between electronic devices.

These electronic devices are connected in very easy way, does not need any prerequisite setup for wireless connection setup.
NFC is easily setup by just physically two devices touching together and they are able to access their digital content.

Infrared allows communication through short-range wireless signals. Infrared are of a frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum, in a range just below red light. This technology follows a “point and shoot” principle, hence its implementation in portable devices such as, TV remote controls, smartphones, cameras, computers and laptops, medical equipments, etc. Its line-of-sight approach and low bit error rate (BER), makes it an effective technology.

Infrared light is used in TV remote light for transmitting signals wirelessly to operate desired operations on TV. This light is not visible to human eye because it is not in visible spectrum.
But when TV remote light is brought in front of a camera, a bright light is seen when a button pressed.


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