The term cyber crime is defined as the official crime term as criminals started getting aggressive over the online and becoming a threat for millions of Internet users

The term cyber crime is defined as the official crime term as criminals started getting aggressive over the online and becoming a threat for millions of Internet users

The term cyber crime is defined as the official crime term as criminals started getting aggressive over the online and becoming a threat for millions of Internet users. Social Medias are considered as part of life for a major portion of Internet users. Almost every internet users have at least one or more accounts in different social media platforms. The rapid growth of Internet use in Asia, including a tenfold or more increases in access in China, Indonesia and India since 2002 has also been accompanied by significant increases in cybercrime. The development of commercial-scale exploit toolkits and criminal networks that focus on monetization of malware have amplified the risks of cybercrime. The expansion in Internet participation a drastic rise cybercrime and information security problems have occurred in Japan, South Korea and greater China since 2005. Cyber crime get the benefits of the anonymity, privateness and connection provided by the Internet, therefore intruders can attack the foundations of our modern information society. Cyber crime involved computer viruses, botnets, Denial of Service attacks, hacktivism, malware, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, cyber terrorism, cyber pornography and spam.

There are some social risks in cyber that users should be aware of. For example, nowadays people are willing to engage in risky online behavior in order to simply access Wi-Fi. This is because they want to use the public free Wi-Fi, instead of their own mobile data because once they finish their quota they need to wait until it to be renewed. People are also known to share their passwords with friends, access financial information via unsecured public Wi-Fi connections and click on suspicious links thereby increasing the vulnerability of their connected devices. Most of the consumers who took a compromising action in response to a potential phishing incident experienced negative consequences, including money stolen from bank accounts, credit cards opened in their name and unauthorized apps installed on their device.
Cybercrime in Asia as elsewhere may be caused by offenders or loose groups who are hacking “for fun” or ego driven, but can include political or ideological motivation, hatred, or simply to earn a profit. However the involvement of traditional criminal groups or new criminal networks is likely to be associated with financial deception and theft 1. However, when an attack occurs, it is often unclear who is behind the attack, where it originates or their motive 2.

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Positive Sides
Cyber communication is society’s newest way to interact or to communicate with peer. Online social networking websites such as Facebook, text messages and emails provide users with an effective and fast way to communicate with people all over the world. Teenagers in particular spend hours online every day, on computers or smartphones. It is also state that 48% of teenagers believe the Internet improves their relationships. With social websites becoming increasingly popular, youth are able to stay connected to real and online friends and family. Some teenagers believe that cyber connections help them feel confident to be their true side of them. Instant messaging programs, used by an estimated 13 million teenagers, allow conversations with friends and family to occur in real time. Online communication tools open the door for friendships with other teenagers near and far. People no matter in what age should have the awareness of the cyber crime. People should not fully trust on their peers and gave their peer their password. Besides, teenagers should not post their things online oftenly. People that like to connect to public free Wi-Fi must not continue using those public free Wi-Fi. They should avoid those unsecured wireless network connection and stay on the cellular network whenever possible. If people must use Wi-Fi, make sure it requires a password and check on the security.

Negative Sides
Offer and Shopping Scams
Users would often come across messages or post which would say ‘Click on the link to claim the offer’ or ‘spin the wheel to win’. These offers would generally ask the user to forward the message to another 20 people once they have registered in order to get the code or coupon. Users that have registered will not get the coupons but the host would get their personal information. Most of the women tend to fall for this scam, where the buyers try to give amazing offers. For example, iPhone X for RM 2,500.00 and many others, then they asked the user to do the advance transfer to make a booking. But, once the sellers get the advance, they tend to abscond. These guys will communicate genuinely till they get the required money.
In my opinion, social cyber crime is omnipresent and it is very dangerous for people who is currently using social network sites to post their personal information. Other than that, people who like to use public free Wi-Fi is also dangerous, especially when they enter their bank information, hackers may get their information while they entering their details. We can minimize the threat of social cyber crime by getting a little aware and conscious while using social media platforms. This is because it is harder to track down the criminal as the crime can be committed at anywhere and anytime in the world without anyone knowing when it will occur. The identity of the criminal will also remain anonymous. Moreover, in cybercrime, the criminal can hack through one system and get access to all the sensitive informations. Cybercrimes that are involved, can cause various kind of damage in terms of time, cost, equipment, and other assets to individuals, corporates, businesses, and even economies. A considerable amount of cybercrime include the online harassment, stalking and child grooming, these cybercrimes are made easier through the use of social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. These services are ideal for facilitating social contact and business relationships, but they also afford insufficient protection to unsophisticated and vulnerable users such as children or teenagers. However, it should bear in mind that the social concern for high crime rate is not because of its nature, but due to potential disturbance it causes to the society. In supplement, some individuals are victims of crime in a more specific sense. The victims of crime may lose anything that has value. Safety, peace, money, and property are perhaps basic values, because they contribute to the satisfaction of many wishes. As evident in present scenario where money is more valuable than values, a definite hike in the corruption related offences are observed where social morality is low which influence the commission of crime attached less social stigma than ever before. Incidentally economic crime is on its peak. This clearly reflects that crime has its interdependence with other social phenomenon. Also, the population is one of the important factors influencing incidences of crimes. A positive correlation between the growth in incidences of crime and the population of the country has been observed.


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