The term “21st century learning” has been used to refer to competencies students’ needs to master

The term “21st century learning” has been used to refer to competencies students’ needs to master

The term “21st century learning” has been used to refer to competencies students’ needs to master, such as problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and digital literacy. In other term it refers to as power to collaborate, communicate, and demonstrate skills that will ultimately help students navigate their way in the future. The idea of what 21st century learning is, is open to interpretation and controversy. However what we can say that these educators need to use education scheme to equip students and help them live in this ever changing technological world. The only way we can do that is by having our own teaching and learning strategies. As a result, this essay will elaborate more on the teaching and learning strategies and challenges faced by the teachers in relation to the implementation of modern teaching methods.
As a 21st century educators we should be able to teach to all learners. Being a 21st century educators we have to be capable to teach and attain to all learners. Which means the capacity to differentiate learning so that all students are capable of analyse the usage of their very personal particular style or through their capability or readiness stage. In nowadays classrooms, teachers have found that students learned best when they are taught to their personal specific fashion and potential. According to (Gardner, 1983) he said that it’s best when he introduce the world to the multiple intelligence theory. He stated that everyone falls into one or more of this intelligences. A powerful 21st century teachers ought to have the potential to train and acquire to each features and skills of every students inside the study room.
Secondly, we should be able to foster student relationships. In a digital world wherein student can count the numbers of friends they have by means of likes they get on Facebook and Instagram, it’s far crucial now greater than ever for instructors with the intention to foster healthy relationship amongst their students. An effective trainer will have the potential to facilitate interpersonal relationship within the school room so that students will have a feel of community and be capable to communicate with their friends on a excessive level than just social media.
Thirdly, we as instructors should be able to embrace change. The capability to embrace change is important function of a 21st century teacher. With a rapid changes in technology and the manner that students learn, instructors ought to be able to embody change and adapt to it, not only in technology but in education as well. Technology changes daily, as do the new teaching techniques and the way we are able to learn and communicate with others. An effective teacher living the 21st century has the capacity to adapt to anything and everything as well as embrace it.
Moreover, we should be capable of keeping accurate communication capabilities. A successful teacher is one that is able to assemble a record with his/her students, one that can easily connect with his learners and experience their desire as individual. Open and clear communication is the key to expand a wholesome friendly surroundings in the class.
Additionally, we should to be getting students’ engagement. There is nothing as challenging as getting students engaged. These days’ students are multitasked and might rarely keep an extended concentration. They can easily become bored and consequently disconnected. There are numerous approaches we are able to fight this problem: use interesting educational games and activities, use technology and multimedia resources and finally make our teaching student-centred and try our maximum to relate what we train to students’ immediate environment.
Every other point, we as teachers should give room to individualized learning. Not all students are identical of their complete energy. Students learn in a different ways, some students are slow learners and other are quick, some learn by experience or doing, others are visual. We as teachers must maintain those interest in our mind and do our best to tend to each form of learner we might have in our class.
Furthermore, in order to suit for the needs of the students, we as instructors need to act don’t react. Students are very clever and its part of their juvenile nature to try to get to the instructor. Sometimes ignoring a disruptive behaviour is manner high than reacting to it and in case it becomes vital then make sure to talk it out with the student involved alone and not in front of the whole class.
However, there are some challenges faced by the teachers in relation to the implementation of modern teaching methods. One of the challenges instructors faced in today’s study room is the use technology. Technology has been part of the education sector since the ’90s and it helps students in many methods and make education less complicated. But, it has a negative effect and that is one of the greatest challenges teachers face. Consistent with (Harven, 2013) students are so quick to turn to the internet to answer question that some believe critical thinking has gone down the tube. Spelling is not from time to time tested if everything is autocorrected and spell checked. This may be a larger issue of technology on our memory and brain-strength, but if we are using internet in school, then kids are being taught to use google to reply to all their query and to basically, copy and paste their knowledge. Education needs to figure out how to use technology in a way that doesn’t update understanding, but it strengthen it. I believe Harven as kids now days are relying on the internet to do the painting for them in place of doing it on their own and that is one of the motives students fail in their exam as they be depending greater at the internet rather than doing it on their own which will help them learn.
Another challenges faced by teachers is mind-set of student in school. An associated example is bullying; bullying is not a new problem, but it is one that has profound effect on the learning ability of many students today. Technology has given bullies even more avenues to torment their victims- through social networking, texting and other virtual interactions. Cyberbullying has grown to be a prime problem for schools, as evidence with the aid of suicides that may be immediately traced to bullying events. On a related factors many public school teachers noted student attitudes, together with loss of interest and disrespect for teachers, as a first-rate problem dealing with schools today. Disrespect posed large demanding situations for teachers mainly in secondary school level
Further factor, lack of discipline in schools is another challenges confronted by teachers. Through the years corporal punishment had been abolished and this was a big mistake. In todays’ study room teachers have to face each day the literal verbal abuse of torture that educators ought to bear from the disrespect and unwell-disciplined manner in which the learners dish out to them each day. There is no more respect for the teachers in the classrooms. Not all students have this bad attitude towards the teachers, but one has to admit that there is a serious problem related to the lack of respect and discipline in schools and all because this corporal punishment that had been taken away. Many will disagree on the concept of corporal punishment due to the fact teachers take the matter too seriously and end up scarring and humiliating the children by issuing corporal punishment. If right methods and structure are put into place for behaviour students, and need to be disciplined accordingly, we could have a far better situation within classes and in the schools. (Rosen, 2009) Defines discipline as either a branch of knowledge-training that develops self-control, character, efficiency and strict control to enforce obedience or as a treatment that controls and pushes as a system of rules. (Eggleton, 2001)Defines it as a training which corrects mould or perfects the mental faculties, or moral characters, obedience to authority or ruler, punishment to correct poor behaviour.
To conclude, within the 21st century, all teachers play a large function in shaping the lives and carrier of their student. When training and getting to know is at its first-rate, our student, our community and our country thrive.


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