The success of an event depends on several factors

The success of an event depends on several factors

The success of an event depends on several factors. The factors contributing to the success of an event are the high performing organizing team. In organizing an event, a management team is important to make the event success because event can not be done by one person only. This might be dedicated to a team, one organizer, supplier or anything in between. Each person in event management team have a clear roles and responsibilities. Normally, they do their work towards objective of the event that being held.

Next, another factor contributing to event success is a clear objective and target market. Before the event, organizers must have put some objectives in the proposal. The objective of the event must be clear and easy to understand by the management team to avoid duplication of work between teams. Other than that, they have to set a target market of their event which who is their target audience and what their audience wants. If all these are set, the event objective is automatically achieved and it led to event success.

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Furthermore, feedback is one of the factor of event success. When you are organizing an event, the feedback from your audiences/attendees or spectator are important. This is because through the feedback, it can measure either your event is success or not. A good feedback from your attendees can led your event into successful. For example, Shah Alam Car Free Day, they get their feedback from the random interview with the attendees who joined the event.

The fourth factor of event success is monetary returns. Most of the events are involve profit. The success of an event also involves the benefits gained from organizing events. For example, MICE events. Normally, this type of event are involve business people which to generate monetary outcomes an sales number during the event. This will be good indication for them in promoting their products or services into the event. They usually measure the event success through monitoring their customers and the conversion of sales leads generated from the event.

Lastly, factor that contributing to event success is communication skills. Communication is important when you are organizing an event because it involves so many people, meet them and also deal with them. This might be involved not only with the audiences but also involves with management team such as vendors, suppliers, venues, employees etc. When a good communication is build, the more chances your event will success.


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