What their friends.What I want to Know:- Why

What their friends.What I want to Know:- Why

What I Already Know:I really dont know much about teen smoking or why they like to smoke. This is just what I think about it. I know most teens love to smoke because they think its cool. Some teens smoke because they want to fit in with their friends. Other kids just smoke because of the peer- pressure from their friends.What I want to Know:- Why do teens smoke?- Is it an addiction?- Do teens smoke because of the peer-pressure?What I found out:The reason why teens smoke is because of the cigarette ads and problems at home.

Smoking and chewing tobacco are just like using drugs and alcohol. Once you start you may not ever be able to stop smoking. I also found out a September 2000 study shows that one -quarter of 12-13 year olds. Who smoke as few as two or three cigarettes a day becomes addicted in just two weeks? Most of the rest get addicted within a few weeks or more.

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New studies show it only takes a matter of days for 12 and 13 year olds to become addicted to smoking. Weve all seen the ads for Marlboro Country, with images of beautiful country scenes, wild horses galloping, and cowboys around fire or on horseback. Well, heres the real Marlboro Country. If Joe Camels ad told the truth about smoking it would say.

I wish I hadnt smoked. I got a lot of kids to think smoking was cool, and Im so sorry! Im so very sorry. I smoked, and now Im dying of cancer.

Just look at me now! Please whatever you do, dont smoke!More About Tobacco Advertising!Unfortunately, many teens are not too concerned about the risk of disease later in life. But the fact is cigarettes cause emphysema, lung cancer, and heart disease. Today in the US, smoking causes 1 of every 5 deaths. Cigarettes kill 1,2000 Americans every day that amounts to 420,000 Americans deaths each year and two to three million deaths worldwide annually. In coming decades, the World Health Organization tell us that smoking will kill 500 million people worldwide.

Thats 9% of the present world population. It means that nearly 1 of every 10 people now alive on earth will die because of cigarettes! And tragically, this is entirely preventable. Tobacco ads are also designed to play with your mind. In magazine ads, we see healthy young people playing sports which require breath, like tennis or mountain climbing, but we all know thats a lie. These cigarette ads intentionally make it appear that smoking is socially acceptable. That is so false. The truth is, here in the US, three out of four people dont smoke, and its not okay to smoke around most people not any more.

Smoking is not socially acceptable. Every year, the tobacco industry spends $ 4.5 to $ 5 billion on the daily advertising of its deadly, addictive products. In conclusion, the sad fact is that advertising has as much stronger effect on teens than most consciously realize.

Every day 3,000 teens become newly addicted to cigarettes. The tobacco industry knows exactly what they are doing, and they spend billions every year to manipulate the unconscious minds of millions, dont let them manipulate you! New Scientific studies shows. Teens, who believe advertising has no effect on you, consider this. A recent study demonstrated that advertising plays a greater role than peer-pressure in getting teens to smoke.

Studies also show the most popular brands teens smoke is Camels, Marlboros, and Newport.The AddictionThe physical portion of the addiction is to nicotine. The psychological part of the relaxing, familiar sensation of handling the cigarette, watching its curling smoke, the deep and relaxing breathing associated with inhaling and exhaling, the taste, and so on. When quitting, a smokers conscious mind says, I will stop smoking no problem.

But the unconscious mind has been conditioned that cigarettes give pleasure, and thats all it can focus on. The addicted unconscious mind says, Give me a cigarette now! It only recognizes what feels good, or what doesnt feel good. It demands a cigarette without regard to right or wrong, and rebels against the conscious mind decision to not smoke.

During the process of quitting, however, a new habit of being a nonsmoker forms. The unconscious mind gradually gets used to not smoking, and the urges to smoke die away.So Why Is Cigarette Advertising Legal?The first reason why Congress has not limited tobacco advertising is mostly about money: the tobacco industry gives millions to politicians campaigns for office. The world is not a perfect place this idea is part of the initiation Ill give you later (at high schools). The tobacco companies spend more on lobbying congress, political advertising and campaign donations than any other industry in the nation.

Big tobacco was the No. 1 contributor in the 1996 presidential electron. They are one of the largest donors in the 2,000-election year as well.

The biggest progress we have made against Big Tobacco did not come from congress, which is the legislative branch of our government. It came mostly from the court system or the judicial branch: in 1998, there was a $ 246 billion settlement of the state lawsuits. We have also made good progress in a limited number of state legislatures, and excellent progress at the local level our city governments. Big Tobaccos settlement of the state lawsuits resulted in an agreement to end cigarette billboards. Tobacco many still be advertised, however, in most magazines, and may still be displayed on countertops. This progress ending cigarette billboards came as result of the settlement of the lawsuits, nit congress.

So just because you see tobacco ads in magazines and displays in convenience stores, it doesnt mean that tobacco is acceptable or safe.What I learned!At First I didnt know too much about teen smoking or tobacco. Until I did this research paper? Im glad I did because now I know what teen smoking and chewing tobacco does to your body. Now that I looked up some things about teen smoking and chewing tobacco makes me never want to try it or thinking about looking at it.

What I really learned was most teen smoke because of the peer-pressure from their friends. I think if one of your friends peer-pressure you about smoking there not really a true friend. Another thing I learned was smoking and chewing tobacco ads play with your mind so you can buy the products. The story about Sean Marsee having tongue cancer I thought at sad a very sad story.

I think before any teen think about smoking or chewing tobacco should read Sean Marsee Story before they do anything. For my closing sentence I would like to say to the teens in my community about teen smoking and chewing tobacco is to say no to cigarette and chewing tobacco!

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