Infant: life during this stage if I

Infant: life during this stage if I

Infant: This is the stage of live that goes from the moment you are born to a certain age, when you start to go to school.

During this stage of your life you develop some skills that will play the key part of your life. Like to walk, to talk, to eat, and a lot more things babies learn at home before they go to school. I don not remember most of my life during this stage if I started thinking about the past the deepest I can reach in my memories is the things that I did during my first years in school.Schoolboy: this is a very important stage of life, during this stage you receive the skills to be a great person in the future but most important you receive an education, it doesnt mater to what school you go, all of the schools should provide a great education.

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Well I started this stage when I was six years old, I went to different school during my kinder and ended in Cumbres Institute when I was in second grade of elementary school, I have stayed there until now. The grade that I have like the most is first of junior high because I went to Wisconsin.Lover. I think this stage of live comes with the famous puberty, because you begin to like people from the other sex, you start to be more with them, and some times to like them so much you fall in love with them I think that during this stage, we learn to treat person from the other sex and to appreciate what they are, this stage doesnt comes at the same time for everybody but it is between 12 and 20.

Soldier. I think this stage refers to a mature person that has come out of college and he or she is ready to became a soldier in the battle of life, a person that now has to take care of his or her self, a person that states to walk the pat of life, gets a job, meets people, gets married, have childs, form a family, a soldier is a person that is ready to fight for their rights and to try always to do better and to help others.Justice. This stage comes when you already fought for a place in society and now comes the moment to give the opportunity to other soldiers to do the same, and to be fair whit them, to teach them how to survive in life, especially to our sons.

I think that my dad is now in this stage because he has already his company and gives the opportunity to other young people to be a soldier of life.Wise. This is a short stage of life that comes between justice and old man, during this stage you finish all your working, you stop working and only transmit your knowledge to other people to continue with your work in life, at the end of this stage you retired, and finally rest to the last moments of your life. During this stage you enjoy of your work during your life.

Old man. This is the final stage of live of a person, during this stage you rest until god calls you to his glory, you spent most of your time with your family and relatives, some times you become a little stubborn but it is ok we understand, when this stage ends your life ends, I hope that when you get to that stage and you look to your life you will be very pride of yourself for what you did.Bibliography:microsft encartaEnglish literature book gold edition

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