The Shock of Education

The Shock of Education

The Shock of Education: How College Corrupts
In the United States People talk about changes. It is like travelers going around the world, and with every destiny, each traveler will leave behind who she/he was in their own hometown. In 2018 we are having same issue of students having to distance from their families and friends, but also with more internet tools in their hands. People still can feel connected enough if they want to. The author agrees and disagrees with the author premise, because in 2018 parents are being more open to let the young adult decide their career and to be happy with what they do in their life. Although there is still pressure in society to have the most successful professionals, and especially in USA where always being the winners and the number ONE is important.
The pressure of society. People will pull you and push you in the direction they believe is good for everyone. All depends where the person lives, and how open minded their family are. If you come from a family where your parents are engineers, it is most likely they will try to convince you in a subtle way and sometimes not that subtle to follow your family career path. It is so common to see in movies and around how some of your classmates where push to graduate in a degree they did not like or were interested at all. A graduated lawyer with her degree hanging in the wall of her home. She never went to a court or worked in a law office. Instead her dream was to be a veterinarian.

Social inequalities and unhealthy educational practices are some of the negative influences of society on our lives. Customs and traditions that prevent certain sections of society from exercising their fundamental rights shatter the basic ideas of education and social awareness. Some social groups deny women’s right to education, some force children to work, depriving them of educational opportunities, and some fail to provide individuals with an environment conducive to their overall development. Education is one of the basic human rights.
“This is most often observed in teenagers with childhood just behind them, and still lacking the life experience to make good individuating choices for themselves. (There are, of course, gifted people who just skip this phase of growing up entirely. But they’re a small minority.) It’s because they see success of the kind they’d very much like to achieve, and quite logically assume that imitating the people who achieve it gives them the best chance of achieving it themselves”.
‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ Jim Rohn

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