The second “sibling-like” of Paracetamol is Tylenol

The second “sibling-like” of Paracetamol is Tylenol

The second “sibling-like” of Paracetamol is Tylenol. It is actually a brand name owned by the company called McNeil Consumer Healthcare which is a substitute company of Johnson & Johnson. Tylenol can be used for cough, cold, allergies, headache and influenza. Its active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) contains Acetaminophen as known as Paracetamol. It also contains codeine that helps to treat pains. It was at first targeted to reduce fever for children for avoiding competition with Aspirin. It was slowly made available to be bought over the counter (OTC). It does have any side effects, but different users have different reactions to different drugs. It comes in liquid (syrup) forms, chewable and effervescence tablets, may contain sugar so if users have diabetes need to get advices from your doctor. Tylenol may react with ketoconazole. An overdose of Tylenol will lead to breathing issues and passing out in serious cases. It is very commonly used in countries like Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Lebanon, Myammar, Oman, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, South Korea, Thailand, Switzerland, Thailand, United States (as it was made in US) and Vietnam.


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