THE ROOM ON THE ROOF Ruskin Bond The Room on the Roof is the first novel of Ruskin Bond

THE ROOM ON THE ROOF Ruskin Bond The Room on the Roof is the first novel of Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond
The Room on the Roof is the first novel of Ruskin Bond. He wrote this novel when he was in England for four years, struggling for both, job and writing. Well the book is staged against a small Indian town. It covers the events of a teenager English boy Rusty he is an orphan and loneliness is something that never leaves him. The theme of the story is based on teenage rebellion. Rusty lives in a european colony located in the outskirts of Dehradun with his guardian, Mr.Harrison. The guardian forces a regimentd environment over him and often beats him with a cane upon finding him at a mistake. By no way, the guardian was like this father.The story is of 1950`s when India was recently gained independence from the britishers and the matter of racism was very much evident in Mr.Harrison`S behaviour since often told Rusty that going to bazar means India, Indians epitomize dirt and commotion. He is wary of Indians and their cultures. He wants Rusty to behaves like him, a sort of puppet, high on english grace and modesty. However, Rusty feels suffocated being with him. His subconscious is well leaping ahead for a fight and freedom. He wants to live the life on his own terms without having rules and elderly vigilance.

One morning when it was drizzling , Rusty was walking home and that time a boy called somi lifted him on his bicycle and soon later a few more friends of somi got on the bicycle. Having seen boys enjoying their lives and some glimpses of bazaar, Rusty feels profoundly about this freedom to roam about in this city.He starts his journey but gets down at Hardwarh to see kishore one last time. There he finds that Mr.Kapoor has remarried and has taken thieving as a way of life. He has become a run away kind of person and is wanted by police. Rusty meets him and tells him to stop thieving.Ruskin Bond wrote this book when was life. seventeen. The book is high on teenage rebel and many of the events spiralup from his own life. After reading many Ruskin Bond books you may come to know that he had a sad and dull childhood and while growing up he longed for everything that a normal tenage could expect.

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I was impressed by the room on the roof , Rusty`s private space a place where he can examine his thoughts and feelings. I feel jealous of him because I also adored spending sometime there in a tranquil way. One aspect I found disappointing was the usual behaviour of his uncle. which forces Rusty to hate him. He wanted Rusty to be an english buisnessmen but he wants to be a writer. Likewise, his friend were intercultural and interesing. The gripping part of the plot is when they all gather at bazar, at the chat shop and have some spicy snacks. The writer ensures that he will adore them because the reasons for their friendship and immense love. In the fact this is the main reason why I beleive this novel is so brilliant.

The main part of the book relies on the Kapoors. Mr. and Mrs.Kapoor are Rusty`s friend`s parents, and I think that this is a useful device which hold the complex plot together. However, The Room on the Roof in not what I could call dictionary read. The description is simple to understand in simple english which makes it a gripping and adorable novel. Neverthless I would highly recommend this rewarding book, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In fact, I couldn`t put it down. I Was left unremoved by this story after reading this classic story of doloscence and coming of age.


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