Tajaydan Supervisor: Mr. Anthony Telephone: 18705354450 Contact Company:

Tajaydan Supervisor: Mr. Anthony Telephone: 18705354450 Contact Company:

Tajaydan C James5928 McCain Pl Apt 302 North Little Rock, AR 72117 United States Mobile Phone: 8705011544 Work Phone: 5018355000 Ext. 5924 Email: Jada_James24@yahoo. com | | OBJECTIVE| I am a hard worker seeking to obtain full-time stable employment with excellent salary, wages, and benefits. I am a recent graduate from high school. I have experience in working hard for low pay and even volunteer work, it’s all beneficial.

I’m fast tracked, highly motivated. I have a successful background in turnaround situations. I believe hard work pays off. I’m a people person as well as outgoing, organized and dependable. I’m just seeking that opportunity to succeed in diverse world we live in. | PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE| | | Job Title| Company| 12/2011 – Present | Admin| Heritage Comp North Little Rock, Arkansas United States| Daily Take on all clerical and admin duties such as:Verify sales, take credit cards, and print disciplinary write ups, update absentees/spread sheets/terms/new hires / rosters, key cancellations, email updated rosters, term reports, pass out badges/checks, check mail ins, shift monitor, help fill out benefit/ insurance packets, log write ups, call back rejects/ return mail/ credit card declines, I also help run offices as needed, as well as the front desk clerk when needed.

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|  | Supervisor: Mary Mitchell Bertha Williams Crystal Mills  Telephone: 15018355000 Contact Company: Yes Reason for leaving: current | 10/2010 – 12/2010 | Sever| Pizza Hut Pine Bluff, Arkansas United States| | sever, cashier, custodial work, cooking | | Supervisor: Mr. Anthony  Telephone: 18705354450 Contact Company: Yes Reason for leaving: pay was only 4. 25 | | 10/2009 – 3/2010 | Cashier| McDonalds Monticello, Arkansas United States| | worked as a front desk cashier, side window, dropped fries, custodial work, worked in the front lobby |  | Supervisor: Mrs. Bay  Telephone: 18703677441 Contact Company: Yes Reason for leaving: Wanted to finish school | | 5/2009 – 8/2009 | Rec. Assistant| Boys & Girls ClubMonticello, Arkansas United States| | worked with children hands-on, assisted all teachers, office work, helped with lunch and breakfast |  | Supervisor: Kimberly Steen  Telephone: 18703672639 Contact Company: Yes Reason for leaving: summer job | | | | EDUCATION| | Dates Attended| School| Degree| Location| 3/2010 – 5/2010 | McGehee High School| High School Diploma | McGehee, Arkansas United States| | During my senior year of high school I had the opportunity to have all credits before my senior year of high school. I felt that was a major step of accomplishment in my life.

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