The plants

The plants

The plants, which belong to Benincasa species, have therapeutic values and are used for the cure of diabetes, diuresis diseases, urinary infection, chronic inflammatory disorders, epilepsy, peptic ulcer and hemorrhages from internal organs 53. The fruit is also one of the major ingredients of Ayurvedic medicine i.e. “Kusmandalehyam”. It has been widely used for the treatment of epilepsy and other nervous disorders 54. The juice and extract of Kundur fruit revealed significant anti-ulcer, anti-depressant and diuretic activities and provide protection against histamine-induced bronchospasm 55. Fruit is efficient against dropsy, diseases related to liver, leucorrhea, and good for detoxication of minerals, curing of fever, and to strengthen the functions of the bladder, and the small and large intestines 56.


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