The person I interviewed was Michael Nickel

The person I interviewed was Michael Nickel

The person I interviewed was Michael Nickel, he is a family friend and a nurse for many retirement homes. During the interview he talks a about, but not limited to, what his major is and why he chose it, why he went into college, who he looked up to, and things he learned as he went through college.
During the interview Michael was very kind and open-minded, with humor added in as well. We had some nice conversation instead of just the strict Question and Answers. We got along in a great way and the conversations allowed me to get to learn more about his personal life, as well as his academic future.
To start the interview, I asked him the basics, where he went to college, when he hopes to graduate, and his name. He seemed very willing to answer and even as the tougher questions came out answered as well as he could. “My name is Michael Nickle and I went to college at New Mexico State University, and Eastern State College,” He replied. “If all goes well I’m hoping to graduate in 2021, with a bachelor’s degree at the very least under my belt.” At the moment he is out of college and spending time with family, however by next year is hoping to get back in and start working at a bachelor’s degree.
With curiosity from the previous questions, I asked him exactly why he chose those colleges to attend. “I was a Senior in high school in Florida,” he said. “and I had to move to Carlsbad NM, and the only college nearby was New Mexico State University. And when I eventually moved back to Florida I attended Eastern State, so convince really.” I then preceded to ask why he went to college to which he replied, “Not many of my family members went to college, so I was determined to become the first of my family to get at least a bachelor’s degree and make something of myself.” When I asked him what he majored in he smiled and answered simply, “nursing.” Before I was able to spout a question about his major he added, “I know it’s odd, but when I was little I wanted to be a psychiatrist, and I guess as I grew up I realized that wasn’t the path for me, but still liked the medical field. So, I choose nursing to help people, especially my grandmother, who was bedridden at the time of my choice.”
He also stated that nursing wasn’t, and isn’t his only choice. He had considered Teaching, Social Working, and many science-based majors, however due to life at home, his heart drove him to take nursing so he could help those who couldn’t help themselves. Later in conversation about his personal life he stated that he never wanted to be a “Doctor-Doctor” as he put it. He instead wanted to help those with mental disorders, which also sprang from his homelife. He also said that if he could go back and tell his past-self something it would be to “Study Harder, Go to the tutoring lab and math center more.” As a final note he said, “Even go get help on what you don’t know and using the help the campuses could offer.”
One minor detail he also brought out when I asked what his favorite hangout spot was that he tended to hang out in the library for as he said, “I was a very big slacker so I would tend to see myself there very often before tests.”
Next, I asked who he looked up to, and with a look of uncertainty he said, “I would have to say teachers I guess, they were really the only ones who looked out for you and helped you.” When asked who his favorite teacher was he said it would have to be his Public Speaking teacher, Doctor Buckholz. “He was funny but stern, and older guy so he set his boundaries well.” Michael stated. “He was very personable and helped me a lot with public speaking. However, I still despised the class for my fear to publicly speak.”


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