The Old Spice advertisement commercial that mainly involves with single man always promotes the idea on how modern man should look like

The Old Spice advertisement commercial that mainly involves with single man always promotes the idea on how modern man should look like

The Old Spice advertisement commercial that mainly involves with single man always promotes the idea on how modern man should look like. Isaiah Mustafa, the promoter of the advertisement displays the appeal of attractiveness and the ideal body of man to use it as some sort of persuasion to audience. In the process, they are more willing to purchase the product from this tactic of advertisement. The overall view on this gives off the idea on how male should actually smell everyday. At the same time, the theme displays this lewd, lustful persona that will automatically attract the viewers attention,which brings forth the meaning behind the advertisement commercial. The commercial main drive is to deliver the audience the true purpose of old spice, and that’s to convey on how a man should smell but also how a man should look like.
The commercial may seem to promote a new brand of body wash for the men, but its the complete opposite. If one were rewatch the commercial ad that involves with this specific tactic and removing the elements of body wash promotion; the appeal to women plays a strong role in this situation. When it comes to a different kind of commercial appeal to audience, many of them do show us the response or some sort of hint. For example, when someone is watching an advertisement that involves house essentials or even auto parts, there’s always going to be a promoter that brings out the sexual appeal that persuades us to purchase the item. Our personal emotions brings out the response we need to understand the meaning behind the advertisement. Another perfect example of this tactic would be a commercial promoting animal shelter or adopting a child from a very poor/unstable country. We are obligated to respond in a emotional way that only benefits the promotion. That is the reason why the Old Spice commercial displays this sort of behavior. Its suppose to show us in a emotional reaction on how man should look like as the ideal image. On how a man should smell like but at the same time, how a man should also look like. This brings us the reason why the emotional appeal plays a strong role for this advertisement and how it will play out for a bigger audience if used right.
The source of commercial that brings out the sexual appeal would have not work if the actor that was promoting the body wash was out of the picture. Otherwise, the advertisement would have been a simple ad for just promotions another basic male body wash. However, that’s not the case in this example. The man who plays as the promoter in the commercial is actually a well-known NFL receiver back in his day, at the same time, he is also an actor that portrays in a few movies. As you can in the commercial ad that he is a well-fit, sporty looking man that sponsors in quality brand of body soap and deodorant. They use this attractive man to demonstrate the depiction of what a woman what’s in a man. The fresh scent of a well-fit man gives off this appeal for women of what kind of preference they want in man. Yet, the ad also shows us that this type of appeal also plays a role for men.
It presents the idea of need to exhibit a unique smell in order to attractive a female attention. In the end, it all falls under one source of appeal and that’s the sexual theme that plays in this scenario. For example, the old spice commercial presents us a half naked male that shows off his physique body, while at the same time promoting a product while stating his reason why a man should buy the product. He states, word by word, “Smell Like a Man, Man.”. At the same instant, the promoter states his first opening line, “Hello Ladies”, as the main audience. Then again, this also plays out as a comedy for the viewer to watch. The reason why, the man is half naked, riding a horse and without breaking any sort of eye contact made this skit a whole new meaning of comedy. This is also clever due to the humor behind it. The ad made it to the point where the males play a huge role in this. Not many men will choice to buy this product for is sexual appeal and how a women wants to see in a man. As a matter of fact, it’s the comedy that makes the men more likely to buy the product than any other appeals. Of course the audience was meant for the ladies and its sexual appeal, but at the same time, the comedy had the exact same result as any other tactics. On that point, any sort of comedy with intent of promoting any sort of product; let it be a phone, food, cars and even music, anything that involves with some sort of comedy, it’s more memorable. Let’s face it, you are more liking to buy a product due to its clever comedy that will most definitely make you laugh.


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