The myth is that the city has never emerged unharmed whenever it has poured

The myth is that the city has never emerged unharmed whenever it has poured

The myth is that the city has never emerged unharmed whenever it has poured. As we took out data of the year of 2015 we will know that in month of monsoon like July and August was more than lean normal year. But it did not set any record. It has been found 289mm rain .Not perfect figure by any means.
Year 2003, the city received 308mm of rainfall. It set record of rain on July 28, 2003 when the city drenched with water which drained out from the main thorough fares in two day. This year the max rain Karachi received in one spell was 80mm and the water continued to flood many areas and key communications arteries for over 10days. It also flooded many residential and commercial areas of Clifton. Most of the sewerage system was blocked due to more water that mix with dust and other big acceriories like home wasted food etc. Most of the areas look like a pool.
There are some basic facts that have been not fully revealed. They need to be laid before the public which has suffered so much misery and is entitled to compensation for the losses incurred for no fault of its own. The design which carry the drain water was not cleared mean lot of using the same drain from year no proper redesign mean once it was laid on surface than there is no check and balance. The important fact was that the clean of nullahs and pipe which carry water mostly blocked because due to mix of material and no proper cleaning process.
There are many nullahs like behind car parks in Soldier bazar and the near to glass tower Clifton there is no main holes given to clean that drains. According to survey the Soldier bazar have 40000ft. nullahsystem in which 25000ft encroached upon. They are cover and not seen by naked eyes they are seen to be most unpractical as far as maintenance and cleaning operation.
The choked drains can be a big disaster during rainy season since there is no outlet for the accumulated water. The excess water was allowed to flow into the sewers that also got choked spewing out of the effluent into the stagnant rainwater. In the city, throwing of garbage on road side is mostly common practice of people They should be collected in different place and don’t throw in nallahs it is the main reason of choked of nallahs that make condition more worse.
The main Nallahs of Karachi located at Schon Circle which collected water of Clifton Block 8 and Nehr-i-Khayyam was blocked off during construction of underpass which was name as KPT underpass built by Nespak. Nespak in its wisdom replaced four 24in dia pipe with only one 15in pipe that what It disaster cause in Clifton areas. On other hand the Mai Kolachi Road end, the pipes that drain water inti the shrinking mangrove swamps were also reduced in size. Besides, the swamps have also been denied free access to the sea because land has been reclaimed and allotted. A marriage hall has already sprung up and the PICIC’s signboard announced that its head office will be built there. This has emerges as new choke which may play little part in flood in future.
The main theft that taken place is Nehr -I- khayamit self because 125ft long cover only drain of 15ft in width .The remaining 110 ft land along the nallahs has already been used for marking plots- eight block on the west of Khayaban I iqbal and block more over other side areas.
The road builders who did not attend to the drainage of water from the newly constructed roads are now in ruins. The drains that line the road to carry away the rain water are virtually nonexistent in many cases .In others word they are choked.
The number of causes of storm water drains are in deplorable condition;
• RRC pipes used at Road crossings are fully or partially choked


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