Abstract to feet. Short Story I short

Abstract to feet. Short Story I short

Abstract The author, Myles Horton, does a very well job by giving his readers a vision image of what went on in his life.

The author took a lot of short person stories and made them into a very powerful book that opened many people’s eyes. Mr. Horton did not see himself has a leader, he merely saw himself as an educator.

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He believed all people should understand things for themselves based on their experiences and knowledge. He wanted to show why he Highlander and for who he started it for. The short stories allowed the reader to get inside of Myles Horton’s mind and see what exactly he was thinking.

The Long Haul can be described as book used to inspire people who are down and need help getting up to feet. Short Story I short I choose was called. It talked about how his grandfather could not read but still could do many things. My grandfather was the way. He could not read, but he was the most sought out person for construction in his time.

My grandfather could do many things just like his. This short story really spoke to me because not many people in my family have an education over high school and none have a college degree.My grandfather, just like his, could do many things that other people could not do. I know whenever people wanted a house built they would call my grandfather asking him could he do it. My grandfather also knew a lot about cars.

Cars were his passion and if someone need their car fixed or worked on they would call him because they knew he could do they best job around town. Although he knew things would have been better for him if he would have finish high school he does not regret his life. My grandfather being the start of a bad trail that I do not want to go down, I am trying to break it.So reading his short story have me a since of hope that I can become something better. Although my grandfather is passed he still lives on very much with the family and what he taught everyone still is ours heads and we are reminded of it every day and how we should not give up on who we are. Sociological Concepts -Encounter- A meeting between two or more people in a situation of face-to-face interaction.

Myles Horton had many encounters with many people. He had many important meetings to be able to get money to start Highlander. He need to the proper training to be able to go into this field, so he eeded to go to college. The school he decided he wanted to go he had to have an interview to get into. Also, encounters were something people had to deal with every day all day along. While the students were at school they had to encounter each other and also since they lived with the teachers most of the time they had to encounter them also. Encountering other people helped the students be able get ready for whatever was going to be thrown at them in the real world when they were not going to be at school no more.

-Leader- A person who is able to influence the behavior of other members of a group.A leader(s) is shown is this book by the end result. Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks were two of the greatest leaders of all time because of what they did and people followed them and believed in what they said and believed that they could make a change. These two people truly showed what Highlander school was all about. They stood up for injustice and got rights and justice and that Highlander. Martin Luther King Jr.

and Rosa Parks will always be two leaders that people will remember and study in school history for what they did.Highlander helped them out by giving them the right training to be able to deal with this in the right way. -Organization- A large group of individuals with a definite set of authority relations. This relates to the book because of highlander. Highlander is a school and a school is a type of organization.

Highlander soon became a start an organization so much bigger than its self. The people who attended this school also saw how important am organization is since Highlander helped out in the Civil Rights Movement.When organizations are in place things run a lot easier and I’m sure the students are grateful for that now because if Highlander was not organized the training would not have been that good and if it was it would have took long to receive. Highlander Highlander Research and Education Center is also known as the Highlander Folk School. The school was founded in 1932 by Myles Horton and is located in New Market, Tennessee.

The school played a major role in 1950s Civil Rights Movement. The school works with people who want justice and equality.Equality cannot only mean black people but also the poor white people. Highlander believed that the problem of society was the experiences of the ordinary people.

Highlander has many different programs to deal with social-change and to help deal with injustices that are going around. Highlander also allows people to work with people of different backgrounds to see what it is like to see and be around people like that like. The students lived with teachers of Highlander. This could be to give to the students a full world view 24/7.The students needed to make sure they got the true meaning of what Highlander was all about. Many people received their training at Highlander.

Some on the greatest people were Martin Luther King Jr. , Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, and also Pete Seeger. These four people were some of the greatest of all time. They stood what for what they believed in and did not let anyone push them down and that was what Highlander was all about. Value When I was reading this book I did not think it had much value to me, but as I kept reading I realized it did.

I realized that what Myles Horton did was unheard of in that time.A white man helping black people was not very likely. Black people at that time were treated very badly and Myles Horton took such a negative situation and turned into a huge positive one. Myles Horton showed that something could be made from nothing and that is a goal I have in my own my life. I want to be able to smile when the darkness is over me, just like how Myles Horton made a way for the students.

This helps out with my major because with me going into the field of special education the students are going to need encouragement and support and told they can do.They will have to deal with injustice because they are in “special needs classes”, but that should not make them any different than a student who is not. The things that Highlander stood for reflect in my values very much. Highlander in my eyes was a school that kids went to learn how to fight for what they believed in, and for me, every person should do that. The value of this book to my future is hard to say at this point, but I can say that I would like to read it again to get a better understanding and to know everything that went on and maybe to do some research that went on.The book plays some type of role in my future because once I start teaching and we starting about Martin Luther King Jr.

and Rosa Park, I will bring up the fact they trained at Highlander. Summary The summary is to show what all I learned from the book. To start off with the abstract is the summary of the book The Long Haul by Myles Horton.

It shows the general knowledge that was gained from the book. The short story is the next part. This was the part I truly part myself and my family into. The short story showed how that I could take a piece of that book and relate it back to my life, even if it might have been years ago.The third part was the sociological concepts. This was the hardest part to me because I really had to understand what the book was saying and the under lying line in the book to be able to pick out three concepts.

I did pic out three basic one: encounter, leader, and organizations. They are all a big part of the book and still play a big role in today’s world so I feel like they did the job. The next part was about Highlander. Highlander was the most important part of the book.

The school is where Myles Horton did some of his best work.Highlander is where some of the best people in history got there training from and became the people they were. The Value part was the part that most hit me.

It was the part that I was able to pour myself out in and it was ok to do so. The value part was very important to this paper because every book has a value to the reader’s life. The last part is the summary they summary does everything. The summarize what all is said The Long Haul by Myles Horton is a book a short stories written to give hope to those who do not have much hope when hope is needed the most.

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