The Legislation

The Legislation

The Legislation, Guidelines, policies and procedures are in place to protect ( Safeguard) children young people , It sets out guidelines on how and why children / young people should be able to live their lives free from fear of being abused ,bullied neglected , It gives information on the rights of a child/young person , And the standards that are expected of people when caring for a child/young person. It also says that all children/young people’s personal information will be kept private, Also all children will be offered education , The health needs of a young person will be made available , Children and young people should live their lives without discrimination, Children and young people will be cared for in a warm home and food available. They will be cared for by staff that a trained to do so, And will follow a code of conduct to ensure a child’s/young person safety, The guidelines also explain reporting procedures in the event that an adult has a safeguarding issue with a child/young person, It Also says that
Children should be allowed to remain healthy, Allow children to remain safe in their environment ,Help children enjoy life, Assist children to succeed, Help make a positive contribution to the lives of children, Help achieve economic stability for our children’s future.
All Children
Should have a flying start in life
All children should have a comprehensive range of education and learning opportunities
All children should enjoy the best possible health and are fee from abuse victimisation and exploitation.
All children have access to play, leisure. sporting and cultural activities.
All children are listened to, treated with respect and have their race culture identity recognised.
All children should have safe home and a community which supports physical and emotional well being.
All children are not disadvantaged by poverty.


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