I know what it for;It’s the cue go

I know what it for;It’s the cue go

I drag out of bed just to come here,And you expect me to get up and Cheer?I walk through the doors to join the mass,Then It’s off to my most boring class?Band is it and we play our song,Why does this class last so long?In Spanish I’m lost, and with help from my pal,All I haved learned in that class is Qu tal?;I head for my desk just to wait for the bell,Then it’s off again, get me out of this hell;In Biology we’re learning what makes you cough;In History It’s notes ’till my arm falls off;English however Is alot of fun;Then IT’s P.E….do I have to run?When you see me jumping and shouting horray,You will know I’m in the last class of the day;Math has just started and I’ve had enough;Am I ever gonna really use this weird stuff?,Tick tock, tick tock,click, click, you stupid clock!,There’s the bell and I know what it for;It’s the cue go head for the door;I go through in my house and let out a big sigh;I crash in my bed so tried I could die;————————————————————–

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