In the offensive side of

In the offensive side of

In the offensive side of my basketball program there are a fewmain factors that all my players must be able to execute to remainplayers on my team.

There are such things as free throws, seeing thelanes, out of bounds plays, good cuts, squaring up to the basket andFree throws will kill a close game. If you can be confident that youwill not have anyone like Shaq that can be taken out of the game just byfouling him and forcing him to make a shot he can not actually make.See the lanes, yes its elementary but it must be done or you willnot have the space to create opportunities.Out of bound plays can be very effective if done right.

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As long asyou can effectively set them up and fast you will get points you wouldEFFECTIVE CUTS! Without these you will not get theopportunities you need to win the game. Cut hard and cut fast.Square up to the basket. If this is done the shot percentage willFinally, help your shooters out and set screens.

When you playhigher caliber teams they will be on every shooter once they receive theBibliography:none

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