The the island. It tells about different

The the island. It tells about different

The Island is a book written by Gary Paulsen. It is about a boy named Wil Newton. Wil is a city boy that will soon be moving to the country. He is moving because his father has a new job with the State highway Department. He is always thinking about what he likes about Madison where he lives.Once he got to his new house that was in Pinewood about one hundred and sixty miles away from Madison.

After he got settled in at the house he rode his bike. He found a small lake called Sucker Lake, where he rode a minnow boat out to an island on the lake. He really liked it out on the island.That night Wil was sitting outside and a girl came up. The girl was Susan. Susan was a girl who was about fourteen and talked to Wil who was embarrassed.

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Wil and Susan started to talk and Wil told Susan about the island that he had been going to.After a while Wil started going out onto the island every day he would take a can of stew or fruit and leave a note before he went out the door and off to the island. On the island Wil wrote about the animals on the island. He was very interested in the heron.After a while Wil started going out onto the island with Susan. On the island they would talk about their families. They also talked about the animals on and around the island.

Wil is still very interested in the heron and wants to know more.In the end Wil’s father sees him on the island and stops him. Wil’s father goes out to the island with Wil. On the way to the island Wil realizes that “it will only end when they find a bigger island.”I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the outdoors.

It talks a lot about wildlife on the island. It tells about different animals that are on an island. I think that it would be fun to have my own island.

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