The initial step in conducting action research is to define

The initial step in conducting action research is to define

The initial step in conducting action research is to define. Develop questions about the focus. Identify an effectively plan. According to Chambers in 1993, a stronger person would want to change things more than a weaker person.
School Research Plan:
School Climate: student and teacher morale, relationships between teachers and supervisors.
Research Questions: Is the school climate affected by student achievement?
Does low morale of teachers impact student achievement?
Can the relationship between teachers and leadership affect students?
Can we improve positive relationships between students, teachers, and supervisors?
Arturo Escobar, feels the concepts of participation can only help to change development than normal.
The second step is to collect data. The data should answer the research questions. This data will consist of teacher-made surveys. It will include standardized test data. Data will also consist of surveys and interviews.
Next, will be to analyze data of the school’s climate. The data will be summarized. We look for consistent patterns for the data. Finally, we will answer the research question.
The third step is develop the findings. The data will be reviewed. The data will shared with leadership teams. We will use the data to provide professional learning for the staff. We will implement positive intervention programs. We would engage in more social interactions. We would review our school wide improvement plan.
The fourth step is to make a decision about the research. We will identify an action plan. . The goal is to identify the problem. Implement the plan. Evaluate the plan effectiveness.
We will take actions. We will choose to continue the system in place. We will make no changes. We can choose to disband. Address the problem. Address the school’s culture. Modify the problem and relationship.


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