The with a small population but the quality

The with a small population but the quality

The impacts of education and healthcare towards the Standards of living in Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam may be a small country with a small population but the quality of life is high. With oil and gas as the main resources, Brunei has their gasoline remarkably cheap and cost of living is low as houses are easy to find and are reasonably priced. In terms of education and healthcare, Bruneians have it easy. The education provided are of high standards as there is an improvement in the educational system structure and it can also qualify you to easily gain jobs locally and abroad as of those educations provided in the UK.

Not only does Brunei offer an excellent education system, they also have great healthcare which is accessible and affordable. Brunei citizens have access to free healthcare which have been improving over the years. Both education and healthcare may be reasons to why Bruneians currently have high standards of living. The Ministry of Education (2007) has improved the education in Brunei with a new system called “SPN21, which is the acronym for Sistem Pendidikan Negara Abad Ke-21, The National Education System for the 21st Century SPN”.

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With this new system which was introduced in 2008 and will be fully effective in 2012, they seek to convene the living standards and face the challenges of the 21st century. This also prepares the students as the future leaders in Brunei to be knowledgeable and highly skilled. Some of the benefits are; it gives many opportunities for students to a higher education, improves in the learning skills and achievements. Not only does this help the students for the improvement in their socio-economic development and challenges, it also assist to improve the teaching standards if their tutors.With SPN21 Brunei is predicted to have leaders with outstanding knowledge to assist with the country’s economy. Brunei also has three core points of their 2035 vision, which is to be “recognized everywhere for the accomplishment of its well-educated and highly skilled people, the quality of life and the dynamic and sustainable economy”.

This will further demonstrated that Brunei’s quality of education is outstanding as students will grow up to be great influential leaders and will be able to give a good example to the younger generations.Other than the improvement of the educational system in Brunei, students in Brunei are well-funded and also given scholarships to study locally moreover abroad. According to Ministry of Education (2008) there are about three government scholarships which are the Government Scholarship Scheme handle by Ministry of Education (MOE Scholarship), the Human Resource Fund Scholarship Scheme through Economic, Planning and Development Department, Prime Minister’s Office (DANA Scholarship) and lastly the Brunei Administrative System Scholarship Scheme (BAS) Through Public Service Commission, Prime Minister’s Office (BAS Scholarship).All three of these scholarships are awarded by His Majesty the Sultan. Two of the non-government scholarships are by Brunei Shell Petroleum Scheme and Royal Brunei Airlines Scheme.

With these scholarships not only are you given funds to study locally, it also applies to those wishing to study abroad. As reported by Hana Roslan (2011) from Brunei Times “His Majesty awarded scholarships to 1,104 recipients as part of the September 2011 intake to further their studies at local private institutions.The scholarship given to these applicants were funded by the JPKE under the Human Resource Development Fund. These scholarships are for those who did not have enough requirements to apply or were not given any chances to study in local government institution”. Additionally, Brunei has also improved its healthcare services for the better wellbeing of the society. The Ministry of Health (2000) has a “National Healthcare Plan 2000-2010” which will enable each individual of the country to obtain a high quality of life.With this healthcare plan, through an inclusive health care system that is effective, affordable and accessible, the society will get better quality of health.

This plan has five strategic goals which are “to promote primary healthcare, to focus on the Management of Priority-Chronic Diseases, to pursue high quality in healthcare, to achieve a more equitable allocation of Fund for Diverse Health Services and to venture into alternative sources of healthcare financing and to promote selected areas of excellence in health services”.Now, the Ministry of Health has a 2035 vision as well, such as “to complete healthcare system that highlights service quality, embrace and practice healthy lifestyle, maintain through resource optimization, efficient policies and regulations that ensure protection for all, and transparent and practical governance”. With this 2035 vision created by the Ministry of Health, it clearly shows that Brunei truly is concerned about the wellbeing of the society, to help better the future of new born baby’s healthiness and to maintain the fitness of the society now.The Ministry of Health provides free health care for Bruneian citizens, and the medical facilities they have, can provide high standards of medical care. The Government of Brunei funds the health care for its society where they collaborate with the Ministry of Health who plays a crucial role in contributing the medical care system. However, if any citizen is in need of major medical attention which the Ministry of Health in Brunei experiences difficulties, they may have to be sent to Singapore where the medical systems will be able to convene all emergency requirements (Globalsurance, 2005).One of the major public hospitals in Brunei is Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital.

Two of the major private hospitals in Brunei are Gleneagles JPMC SDN BHD, Jerudong Park Medical Centre (Mapsoftheworld. com 2009). These private hospitals also provide excellent health care for the society with both local and foreigners having to pay for any treatment.Not only is the society contented when treated by the hospitals in Brunei, the employees in the hospitals are well educated and highly skilled doctors and nurses.

As stated on the Ministry of Health website, doctors working under the public hospital will get “tax-free salary, passage to Brunei Darussalam for you, your wife and up to four children under the age of 18 years, heavily-subsidized housing, charged only at BND130 per month and also education allowance of up to BND800 per month for up to four children”.In my opinion, providing excellent quality of medical facilities in Brunei is not the only aim, they also seek to provide incentive for their employees because providing incentives will encourage their employees and will also bring great outcomes with their work hence the excellent medical services provided by the hospitals. With the new advanced education system and affordable medical services, Brunei Darussalam has provided the society with admirable education for the future generation and good health for the sake of keeping the societies wellbeing and comfort.

In this way, Brunei’s standard of living is high as both hospitals and schools can provide the society with funding and both has improved in the new system which will furthermore satisfy the country. Brunei has provided the country with good job opportunities and education that can lead us to high qualified employment. Both good health and good education will be a crucial part of Brunei as the country is seeking to be known with its excellent, healthy and highly-skilled citizens. With this reputation, it can affect the quality of life in Brunei to be even more superior.Reference list: Ministry of Education (2008). 21st Century National Education System.

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