The house, he has a chance to turn

The house, he has a chance to turn

The HeroThe movie Con Air is a motivational movie.

It is an action movie that can appeal to almost anyone. There are many factors in this movie and when combined all together, they give the movie a sense of unity. The theme and the purpose are similar and are intended to attract a wide variety of viewers.The main theme of Con Air is heroism. Of course, as in most movies, the main character of Con Air displays many heroic acts. Cameron Poe is stuck on a plane transporting hardened criminals.

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The criminals take over the plane, forcing Poe to play the hero and save the fucking day as he so delicately puts it. For example, when Johnny 23, a serial rapist, attacks a woman guard in attempt to change his name to Johnny 24, Poe stands up and refuses to let the rape occur. Poe also displays his courage by refusing to give up or get off the plane until he successfully saves the innocent lives on board. Poe is not the only hero.Vince Larkin, an officer of the law also displays many acts of courage.

He refuses to shoot the plane down because of the innocent victims on board. Another prisoner, Garland Green, a brutal serial killer, displays more courage. When he comes across a young girl playing alone outside her house, he has a chance to turn her into a victim. But, remarkably, he does her no harm. Not the typical heroic act, yet it still applies.

Similar to the theme of heroism, is the purpose of Con Air. The purpose of this movie is to inspire people to do the right thing even when stuck in the worst environment. And what could be worse than Poes environment. As he describes it, They somehow managed to get every creep and freak in the universe on this one plane, and then somehow managed to let them take it over and somehow managed to stick us right smack in the middle.

Yet he still manages to repair the damage done. Garland Green was also place in a vulnerable position, and he somehow manages to refrain from his killer instincts. These acts of heroism within the theme are effectively used to portray the purpose of inspiration. Add together the theme, purpose, and plot of this movie, and the total would create an effective movie with the capability of attracting a large audience. The action attracts most males of the ages 12 and over. The subplot of love with Poe desperately seeking to come home to his wife and daughter attracts most women.

And the comedy appeals to anyone who is in between. The combination of all of these makes this movie a success.This movie comes together nicely creating unity. The intended audience is successfully achieved by using a theme, plot, and purpose that applies to almost anyone. Its combination of action, love, and comedy is appropriately used within the theme to create a purpose.

Con Air successfully fulfilled its goals and has become a well-liked movie and a favorite for many people.

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