The The story starts when the four

The The story starts when the four

The Headless Cupid, written by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, is a scary, mystery adventure book. The story starts when the four Stanley kids; David, Janie, Esther and Blair, meet their new stepsister, Amanda who says she knows witchcraft. I chose this book because I like mysteries and the picture on the cover caught my attention.The basic theme of this book is how Amanda, who doesnt like living out in the country with her new stepfather and stepsiblings, tries to scare them enough so they want to move back to the city. Not only does Amanda not like their new country house, she also doesnt like her new step-dad and his four kids. By using make-believe witchcraft, Amanda tries to make the family believe their new house is haunted. The fact that their new house has a history of being haunted also helps Amanda as she tries to scare the family.

When Amanda finds out that the house may really be haunted, the idea of moving back to the city isnt as important anymore. She realizes that all her efforts to separate the family have actually brought them closer together.There are three examples of how Amanda tried to scare to family with her witchcraft.

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First, she gathered some rocks down by the creek and would throw them at you or leave them around the house and blamed them on the poltergeist. Also, she rolled a really heavy plant down the stairs in the middle of the night. Finally, she knocked a picture off the wall when everyone else was sleeping. Those are three ways Amanda tried to scare the family.

When all the Stanley kids wanted to get witchcraft lessons, Amanda made them go through ordeals. There were two main ordeals. First, the kids had to go a whole day without touching or wearing any metal. All the kids thought that this would be easy but then they thought about mealtime and door handles. Also, they had to go a whole day with a reptile on them. To get the reptiles, they went down to the creek to catch them.

Janie and Esther had small lizards they could carry in their pocket, but Blair and David had big snakes and they had to carry them in their shirts.Overall I would not recommend this book to most of my friends. It was okay but it was slow in a lot of parts.

At the end it got better but the whole book wasnt very scary for a mystery.Bibliography:Don’t have on

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