essay the success and the breakdown of

essay the success and the breakdown of

essay ? The great gatsby, a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is about the loss of innocence and society’s downfall as they try to reach this dream.

The goal is different for each person, as well as the loss. He or she has a chance of achiving wealth and happiness that sccompaniesit. The great gatsby believes that one can acquire happiness through the accumulaton of wealth and power. Fitzgerald uses images of the character Jay Gatsby, excessive wealth, and immoral actions with the characters to portray the cost of a corrupted society. Jay Gatsby is a conspicuous example of the success and the breakdown of a corrupted society.Gatsby, initially appears to be a self-made, wealthy man, and is a remarkable example of how hard work can lead to success through perseverance.

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Gatsby had everything that he desired, except love. Gatsby tried everything in his power to relive the past and recapture Daisy’s love, but her failed to to do so. His dreams were shattered when he asked Daisy to admit that she had never loved Tom, and she refused to do so: “I did love him once.. but i loved you too”(140). this was the turning point in their relationship, and the begining of the end of their love affair.

Although Gatsby is personified as a high class, intelligent man, this personification starts to diminish when his superficial side is shown. Jay Gatsby embodies the mores of the American Dream. He comes from the West, and moves to the East in hopes of making his fortune. He has dreamt of being rich and famous since he was young. Gatsby is in love with Daisy, a girl from a higher social rank. He finally attains enough wealth, he moves back close to Daisy, “ Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be across the bay“ (79).

He throws extravagant parties hopping by chance Daisy would turn up for any one of it.When this did not hhappen, then he started to ask around if anyone knew her. This is how he met Nick , His neighbor, and Daisy`s second cousin. Gatsby lacks to see that Daisy is now a different person. She is married to Tom and is a mother. Gatsby tried wooing her and using wealth in order for her to coincide with him, but she never did.

The Great Gastby is a perfect example of how the pursuit of wealth corrupts the characters. The American dream is so attractive to the characters, that they will do anything in order to achieve this vast wealth.Gatsby belives he must become wealthy in order for him to impress his love Daisy. After the war Gatsby`s moral values changed and he became involved in bootlegging of alcohol in order to earn the money needed to impress Daisy. He lied to people about how he earned his money. “Well, about six weeks ago, she heard the name Gatsby for the first time in years.

It was when I asked you – do you remember? – if you knew Gatsby in West Egg. After you had gone home she came into my room and woke me up, and said: “What Gatsby? and when I described him – I was half asleep – she said in the strangest voice that it must be the man she used to know. It wasn’t until then that I connected this Gatsby with the officer in her white car. “(79). Originally, when Gatsby’s name was mentioned earlier and Daisy didn’t seem to really care, we thought that meant she wasn’t too interested in this mysterious Gatsby fellow.

Here we see that it is clearly not the case. Daisy once loved Gatsby but her urge for material for material wealth was much greater than her love for him.Society has,indeed a great part to play in shaping the identities of individuals. “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, `he my father told me, “ just remember that all peple inn this world havent had the advantages that you`ve had` (1).

This quote was probably the back bone of the narrator`s actions and character. Fitzgerald gives a slight critique of gender roles in the class. Women`s feministic characteristics and their united life long struggle for quality in a man`s society. Miss Baker displays the typical feminist, and the character`s personality was that of a struggling but very independent woman.

his type of personality was key to change the way of society at the time of this book was written. The upper class that is dipicted in The Great Gatsby is an example of how the `dream` is failed. The principles of working hard, taking responsibility, having respect and showing decency towards one another are lost to greediness, selfishness, and snobbery. These people are superficial and believe that money can buy happieness. They come to Gatsby`s parties uninvited, and gossip about him in his own home: “Somebody told me they thought he killed a man once`…

`i dont think its so much that.. t`s more that he was a German spy during the war“ (48).

People tend to over look the significant characteristics in others, and tend to focus more on the shallow characteristics of the person. The Great Gatsby is not merely a description about the failed aspirations of many people; it is also about how society losses innocence, and the idea of the dream being too extreme for an ideal to ever be reached. Innocence and the dream can be preceived in many ways. One can consider it to be about wealth and power, and others can see it as if ones accomplishments fulfilled through hard work and dedication.

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