Crossing know the fella that owns that garage?

Crossing know the fella that owns that garage?

Crossing the porch where we had dined that June night three months before, I came to a small rectangle of light which I guessed was the pantry window. The blind was drawn, but I found a rift at the sill.Tom and Daisy were sitting across one another at the kitchen table.

They were engaged in a conversation. Tom was talking intently across the table to Daisy with his hand covering her own, as she stared at the cold chicken that lay on the table. “Daisy, are you okay?” Tom asked her in a gentle tone.”Yes, I’m fine Tom. Why wouldn’t I be?” she replied after a moment.”Daisy, I saw some trouble on the road.

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George Wilson’s wife was killed. You know the fella that owns that garage? A car killed her. They described it as a new big yellow car.

It was Gatsby’s car.”Daisy’s face was filled with fear as she slowly stood up and walked around the room. “She wasshe was killed?” Daisy questioned in a trembling voice.After a moment, Daisy went to sit back in her chair and stared at the cold chicken that lay on the table again. She then faced Tom with a struggle to keep a convincing face. “Tom, it was an accident,” she finally said.”Now listen Daisy, I don’t want you seeing this Gatsby fella anymore.

The coward didn’t even stop his car.”There was a sense of sadness in Tom’s eyes as he had said those words. Although Myrtle was killed, Tom was still very concerned about Daisy and Gatsby’s affair.

“Daisy do you want to tell me what has been going on with you and Gatsby all this time?” Tom asked her.Daisy suddenly turned sharply at Tom, “speak for yourself Tom. What about your little affairs? How many times have you gone on one of your sprees?”I saw Tom as a hypocrite. Even though he was off having a shameless affair with Myrtle, he still condemns Daisy for having an affair with Gatsby.Daisy turned from Tom and began to sob, “did it ever come to your mind Tom that I need a little some love too?”Tom’s enormous masculine body rose and moved closer towards her. His powerful arms touched her affectionately and he said, “Daisy, you know that I love you.

You’re worth a three hundred thousand dollar pearl necklace to me.”I could see that Tom and Daisy weren’t happy, but yet they weren’t unhappy either, and maybe they really did love each other. In Tom’s eyes, Daisy was worth a pearl necklace, and Myrtle was only worth a dog leash.

I realised that Tom was in love with Daisy for her money. He never had any intentions of leaving her for Myrtle, only because she was not wealthy. “Oh Tomplease don’t,” Daisy pleaded. “Daisy, tell me that you love me too,” Tom continued in his tender voice.

Daisy turned around to Tom and stared into his eyes, “Oh Tom, I do love you,” she confessed in her low thrilling voice.Daisy too was in love with Tom for his money. I could see that her love for Gatsby may have been real, however it was the rumours that Gatsby was a bootlegger that had kept her from pursuing the affair.

Tom, on the other hand, had honest money.They shared a moment of natural intimacy that they had once shared before. After all that had happened, Tom and Daisy’s had decided to stay together. I felt sympathy for Gatsby, because his dream, the green light, was never going to become a reality. I had told him that he couldn’t repeat the past, and as a consequence to Tom and Daisy’s selfish ways, Gatsby was the one to suffer.”I’ll tell you what Daisy, I’ll take you and Pammy on a trip to Europe, so we can start over again and make a new start.

It will help us start forget about everything that has happened here, and especially that Gatsby fella,” Tom suggested.Daisy’s face enlightened, “oh can we Tom? How about we go to France again?” she answered in her cheerful tone.That was the end of it. It was the end of the affairs of Daisy and Tom.

Although I had thought they were in a loveless marriage, what kept them together was their money.

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