The goal is to generate a targeted revenue of $346

The goal is to generate a targeted revenue of $346

The goal is to generate a targeted revenue of $346,500 by sale of $99 valued Illini Pride Pass of 3500 numbers. The total marketing spend allocated is at 15% of this target revenue at $52,000. This budget would be split as $17,000 allocated towards hiring a capable SEO agency for implementation of plans, $27,500 towards creation of content for social media and propaganda, $3000 for analytical tools related subscription and finally $4500 for ORM tools likeTaboola and Sentiment Metrics.
We recommend that the concept of setting benchmarks based on existing digital presence goes a long way in determination of the success of a marketing campaign. It is recommended there needs to be a study of website traffic, referral traffic, ranking of search engine, website visits, unique visits as well as the bounce rates in a timely manner. Best practices suggest a consistent recording of daily data with generation of periodical average numbers.
A marketing campaign is aimed at a positive ROI with the aid of creation of brand awareness and buying intent in target audience. The KPIs of a trusted brand awareness initiative would generally be the increase in likes, shares, comments, followers, traffic, brand related reach, generation of business and sale conversation leading to ROI respectively.
We have integrated that an advanced communication technology in this digital age comprising of artificial intelligence, predictive consumer analytics, marketing related automation and real-time bidding, is immensely impactful thereby allowing the companies to sculpt and display the target ads alongside relate media content triggering an amplified impact.


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