The first semester we had twenty-three seminars

The first semester we had twenty-three seminars

The first semester we had twenty-three seminars, each seminar included topics about our coursework. On our subject, Academic English, our teacher Ms. Radjabzade was telling us about coursework which is going to conduct at the beginning of December. We had four hours of English a week. During the course of this semester, Ms. Radjabzade really helped us to learn different types of essay structures, gave us much knowledgeable information and shared with her own experience that never taught in other subjects. Every lesson she divides us into groups in order to make tasks easier and interesting.
During our seminar, Mr. Dy gave us very knowledgeable information about housekeeping and other educational ideas about our industry that we in that could really help us for future purposes. Mr. Dy was not just a successful professional but a kind-hearted person as well, because he let us have his time aside from his busy schedule. He was really approachable to us students and was able to answer all the questions that have been asked with all his will. We are also thankful to our teacher because she was so considerate to our group and let us moved the date that gives us time to find our speaker. I was also gratified to my group mates for the reason that they were so cooperative and determined to finish every task that were assigned to each other. After all the hardships that we just encounter in organizing this seminar, it was all worth it and comes out fruitfully.


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