The first level is the experimentation mistaken behavior

The first level is the experimentation mistaken behavior

The first level is the experimentation mistaken behavior, as we already know it belongs to Harlow’s social connection level that bonds into the encountering. When we see that children in the classroom start to have social expectations in the classroom, the regular process that happened all the time of making decisions results in mistaken behavior. In early childhood classrooms, children most of the time try to do things to see what will happen and what kind of atmosphere will be after. I would say that when we see children who follow Harlow’s level, once in a while scan show us experimentation mistaken behavior. How do we supposed to know how it occurs? As we already know from this class that when is the child reacts to the curiosity motive, which will cause a conflict, most of the time it happens when child thinks what will happen If I do something. A great sense of humor and the avoidance of overreaction are useful guidance methods for the teacher. What about experimentation? Experimentation comes when children start to see and know more about their surroundings by getting into the activities with others and by learning all kinds of different things. We should all know that the experimentation level is the only beginning of the learning process where it comes more to the right guidance and persistence and that is a very good access in increasing the child’s learning, which can include: self- respect, proper pride and self- confidence.


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