eiwWe drowned brain a while to realize what

eiwWe drowned brain a while to realize what

eiwWe are walking down the solid rock stairs to look for some wine he wants me to taste. I can’t see that far because of the dimly lit passage. I follow him into a room were there are many old bodies it scares me all of the old bones piled on one an other.

I feeling drunk ask, “where is the wine?” It must be really good because he keeps talking about it I think. He points to a small opening, and says, “You go first.” I walk into the room. I notice it doesn’t have any wine in it.

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I stare at the bricks in front of me. Then I start laughing and turn around. I hear the clanking of a chain as I am being pushed to the wall. I took my alcohol drowned brain a while to realize what had happened to me. I looked down and realized that I was chained to the wall around my wrist and waist. I look at him wondering what’s going on. He just snickers.

He disappears for a minute and comes back with a handful of bricks, and a bucket of something. Then I see the shinny trowel. He started laying the bricks down. I said”Ok, ok you had your fun.” He just looks up at me and smiles.

I realize what he is doing. I scream “WHY!!?? Why are you doing this?” He just smiles. The light coming in is getting fainter now. I start screaming he screams louder and says, “No one will hear you.

” I smell the cement that he is using to seal me into my coffin. I started crying because I thought about how I was going to die, and start pleading for my life. He just looks and smiles. I could see the whites in his eyes he was enjoying this. He started staring at me through the last hole. I said, “I hope you can’t sleep with out thinking about me. I hope you can’t go a day without thinking about me.

He just laughed and slowly pushed the brick in to it resting-place. The sound of that brick sliding against anther brick echoed in my mind. The wide smile is burned into my head. The cold steal is slowly making its way through the layers of skin on my wrist. All I see is his face with that smile. My mouth is so dry it feels like cotton.

My eyeballs are sticking to my eyelids. It sticks in this room, this small coffin of a room. I am too weak to move I think about my life what I accomplished in the short time I walked this earth. Then I slowly lower my head and think about nothing.

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