The With students begin so demanding in achieving

The With students begin so demanding in achieving

The Effect of Pressure on Students to Get Good Grades Has there ever been a time where you have been pressured to get good grades in school? When this situation has occurred was it stressful and nerve-racking at the same time where you felt you could not do it anymore? In this paper I will explain the causes of pressure on students to get good grades and the effects of them. With pressure being the constant state of worry and urgency, has caused stress and difficult to students to excel and do well in school.The pressure to get good grades usually steams from your parents prior academic success when they attended school.

The expectation is for you as a student to do accidentally well or even better then what your parents have done. With this begin said they get you prepared for this steps early on. It more often than not starts at an early age when the child is still very young. Usually when the child attends elementary school, parents begin to consider and think how their child might be able to attend the top ranked college schools.For instances, if your parents graduated from high school and got accepted into a 4-year university, the pressure is on you to also get accepted into a 4-year University.

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With this in mind can only led to more and more stress that at times can be seen as overbearing for the student to handle and result in the student violating the school code of conduct. The peer pressure not only from your parents to accomplish and surpass school but also by schools themselves wanting you to achieve to your highest aptitude.The strain on a student not only to get superior grades but also have the right GPA (Grade Point Average) to be consider an candidate for certain schools of their choice, can led to them partaken in various situations.

Their daily schedule can be one of these facts where sometimes becomes very difficult at times for them to stay on top of your grades. With students begin so demanding in achieving can led to them not even sleeping from time to time which has caused an stain on their body, which some students begin to take pills or even different energy supplements in order for them to be able to continue to function.The decision on wanting to make A’s and B’s in your class so you can be considered for honor roll and even NHS (National Honors Society) which looks very good on your transcript. Lastly another reason that can cause pressure on students to get good grades is the fear of failing out of school. Students don’t want to fail and be held back so in school. In order for students to prevent this they must be earn good grades.

The fear of not going to the next grade means that they will not be able to graduate with their friends, and in high school colleges will look at that.From the start of your 9th grade year to your senior year it is a stressful time because you must get better than average grades in order to get into the college or university of your choice. In conclusion these are but some effects of pressure students undergo to earn themselves good grades in school. These things can cause much stress on students especially in their later years of being in school such as high school and college. Not receiving good grades in these two stages of education can potentially hinder success for your future.

For that reason it is important for students to get good grades.

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