Act accuses Tituba as beinghanged, confesses faith in

Act accuses Tituba as beinghanged, confesses faith in

Act one begins with Reverend Parris praying over her daughter, Betty Parris, who liesconversations between Reverend Parris and his niece Abigail Williams, and betweenseveral girls, the audience learns that thesegirls, including Abigail and Betty, were engaged in occultic activities in the forest lead byTituba, Parris slave from Barbados. Parris caught them and jumped from a bush startling the girls. Betty fainted and had notrecovered.

During this session, Abigaildrank chicken blood to kill Elizabeth Proctor. She tells the girls that she will kill anyonehappened. The townspeople do not know exactly what the girls were doing but there areJohn Proctor enters the room where Betty lies faint. Abigail is still in there and she trieswho has had an affair with Abigail a while ago, but now he wants to forget it. Reverend John Hale is summoned to look upon Betty and the research the incident. He isand he is eager to show his knowledge.

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He questions Abigail who accuses Tituba as beinghanged, confesses faith in God and accuses Goody Good and Goody Osborne ofwitchcraft. Abigail and Betty, who haswoken up, claim to have been bewitched and confess faith in God. They name severalother people whom they claim they sawAct two begins eight days after the discussion at Parris house. Between act one and actcame to Salem to oversee the court proceedings.

Fourteen people have been arrested forhanging. Elizabeth Proctor asks John to go to the court and testify against Abigail and theother girls. John doesnt want to getinvolved. There is tension between Elizabeth and John since Elizabeth has not forgivenenters. She was in court testifying against the townspeople.

She gives Elizabeth a dollwhich she has made in court. In themiddle of their discussion, Hale enters to question John and Elizabeth, suspicious ofwitchcraft. Later, Giles Corey and FrancisNurse enter to seek advice after both their wives had been arrested.

Next, the marshalarrives with a warrant for Elizabethsarrest. Elizabeth was accused by Abigail for stabbing Abigail with a needle through a doll. is taken away in chains. Proctor demands Mary that she goes to court and testify againstthe girls. He vows that he will fightthe proceedings, even if it means confessing his own adultery.

Act three takes place in court. Francis Nurse, Giles Corey, and John Proctor present theirGovernor Dansforth and Judge Hathorne. Proctor presents a petition signed by 91 peopletheir wives, and Dansforth issues warrants for the questioning of all of them. Coreycharges Putnam on inciting his daughter toaccuse Corey of witchcraft in order get his land. Corey has a witness but will not namearrested. Corey is arrested because of contempt of the court. Proctor presents his case and a deposition by Mary Warren saying that she never saw thethat Mary is lying and she and the girls pretend to be bewitched by Mary.

Proctor,frustrated at the gullibility of the court, grabsAbigail by the hair and exclaims to everyone that she is a whore confessing that he had anbrought in to be questioned about whether this is true. Elizabeth tells the court that JohnAbigail in order to save his name, however, this destroys Proctors testimony. Marycrumbles under the peer pressure andreturns to Abigails side, accusing Proctor of being a witch.

The girls pretend to bebewitched by Proctor. Proctor accusesDanforth of being afraid to reveal the truth. Dansforth acts more to keep the reputation ofReverend Hale now sees the evil in the court and denounces the proceedings. Proctor isAct four begins in prison where Sarah Good and Tituba wait to be hanged. They havegone insane and believe that Satan willThere is rumors of an uprising in a nearby town due to similar witch trials. Thetownspeople are afraid of a similar riot inHale and Parris are now terrified. They go to visit the innocent people in the jail and begorder to save their lives.

Hale believes that the blood of the people who are being hangedis on his hands. He asks Elizabeth,who is now pregnant, to tell John to confess to save his life but Elizabeth will not. WhileElizabeth is talking to John, she tellshim that she has forgiven him of his affair and tells his that he can do as he will.

JohnProctor confesses that he is a witch, butwill not say the others are. After a few moments, Proctor is fed up with the court, tearsup his confession, and goes out to behanged with Rebecca Nurse. Hales pleads that Elizabeth ask Proctor to confess, but sheBibliography:

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