e the wounded Amazon holds a pose

e the wounded Amazon holds a pose

e most beautifulsculptures in the world. One of those sculptures is the marble statue of awounded Amazon, which is a Roman copy of the Greek original that dates from450-25 BCE.

Most of the sculptures from the classical period were Romancopies because the Greek originals were lost. There are a lot of featuresthat convey that the wounded Amazon is a classical sculpture.The statue of the wounded Amazon looks more realistic and live.This sense of reality and life was a characteristic of the sculptures ofthe Classical period.

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The skin texture of the statue conveys this life-likeness of the sculpture. It makes one think that he is seeing a realhuman body in front of him. Moreover, the contrapposto standing that theAmazon stands conveys the idea of flexibility and that the sculpture ismoving. During the classical period the sculptors wanted to make theirsculptures more like a human. The leaning of the statue on the pillar onher left gives the expression that she is resting and taking a breath.The sculpture of the wounded Amazon holds a pose that indicates that sheis tired. The calmness of her pose and the emotional restrain in herfacial expression convey the idea of the classical period.

Despite herplight, the Amazon’s face shows a little sense of pain and fatigue.In the archaic period Greeks used to sculpt only domestic people.However, the Hellenistic period this was not the case.

In the classicalperiod sculptors started to sculpt foreigners. The Amazon was not a Greekwoman. She was a barbarian from Asia minor. This proves that the Amazonis a classical sculpture. By looking at the sculpture, one can noticethat the Amazon was a women warrior. What prove this are the wounds thatare under her right breast and in the back of her left shoulder. TheAmazon’s drapery looks transparent; the sculpture was carved in a waythat made the distinction of her body and her drapery.

So, although shewears drapery, one still can see her body clearly beneath her thindrapery. This was one of the characteristics of the Classical style. Thedrapery is folded around her waist and it is loose and unfastened fromthe left side. This explains that she had a fight or a conflict withsomeone. The Amazon’s head is tilting to the right side and she isresting her right arm on her head this conveys the illusion of theflexibility and the interaction of the different parts of the sculpture’sbody which is another feature of the Classical style. Her eyes arelooking at something far, which gives the sense that she is thinking andwondering.

The Amazon is a classical sculpture. The physical structure of heras well as the mood expressions proves this fact. Moreover, the freedomof movement, the fluidity of the body, and the lifelikeness of thesculpture is conveying that the statue of the wounded Amazon is aclassical sculpture. In addition to that the pose of the contapposto issign that the statue is from the classical period.

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