aysThe is afraid of what will happen to

aysThe is afraid of what will happen to

aysThe Civil War had a major effect on the American civilization in the 1860’s.

The novel Red Badge of Courage and the poem “Kentucky Belle” are prime examples of this. These two pieces of literature show an inside look at the Civil War, getting past the fighting and the battles. Red Badge of Courage is about a young Union soldier, Henry, dealing with the war and its psychological effects. “Kentucky Belle” is a poem about a woman going through a difficult time, but still gives up her horse to help a young man trying to make it home.

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The Civil War had very many battles, but none of them compare to the feelings of the people during these battles.In the novel Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane, the protagonist, Henry, is a Union soldier who is afraid of what will happen to him or any of his comrades in his regiment while at war. Henry also sees his enemies as real and humane people. Henry’s feeling towards his enemy shows that he is unclear about the war’s purpose. The feelings of Henry are probably the same in most Americans during this time. Stephen Crane, the author, does a great job of bringing the sense of fear alive in Henry during this fictional story. The feeling of Henry symbolize the feelings of many family and friends of soldiers at war.

The feeling of fear and uncertainty in Henry are similar to the thoughts and feelings of many Americans in the 1860’s.In the poem “Kentucky Belle”, the author shows a sense of realism. The poem is about a woman and her baby going through a very difficult time during the Civil War. The part of the story that shows the most compassionate part of the story is when the woman’s family gives away their favorite horse Kentucky Belle.

They gave it away to a soldier who desperately needed to get home. Giving was something many Americans did during the Civil War, and this poem is a prime example of this.The Civil War in some way touched the lives of almost every single American. This was a tough time for the country, and the country started to change.

Women took larger responsibilities in the workplace because so many men were absent in the armies. This a big change temporarily because women were used to taking “back seats” to mean during this time, and now, theyre doing men jobs. Children were also effected by the war. Their older brothers and fathers were often soldiers at war. The nation was effected.The Civil War had very many battles, but none of them compare to the feelings of the people during these battles.

The two pieces of literature mentioned in the above paragraphs are illustrious examples of the thesis statement. Many American were fearful during the war, this can be related to Henry from Red Badge of Courage. Many Americans were very giving and caring during the war; the family from Kentucky Belle is an example of this. In conclusion, the Civil War had great effect on the soldiers involved, but the war also had a great impact on human life.Words/ Pages : 526 / 24

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