As to activities provided to make sure

As to activities provided to make sure

As a childminder I work towards EYFS and meet Every Child Matters in everything I do. I would like children in my care achieve as much as they can so I start the learning and development process from torough talk to parents before child starts attending to my setting to find out child’s likes, dislikes, abilities, achievements. Then I do observe, asses particular child and plan activities following his interest, abilities, individual achievements, background. The important part of my observation is child’s response to activities provided to make sure he/she enjoys learning.I look after 3 children at the moment.

I see they eyes, they body moving to the music while we listen children music from cd and use music instruments so I can be sure he enjoys. Also I am so happy to see his little achievements e. g. putting hands together when I say “ bravo”,using more and more new words, then putting 2 words together, feeding himself etc. It gives me the feeling my efforts, methods help him learn and develop. In the process of learning and development very important for me is to build warm, trusting relationship with children and work together with parents e. .

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by exchanging our observation, information, making the diary on the daily basis, ask parents for comments; by trying to involve parents in children’s learning and development . I try to help a child enjoy learning and achieve as much as he can by making the activities interesting and follow child’s interest, ability, mood etc. ; by providing rich and varied environment – we use my setting, parks, library, sure start centre; by encouraging them to care of themselves, by giving children opportunity to choose the activity to help them be active, creative learners.I try to keep close emotional relationship between myself and children as it is very important to help them to stay safe. I have consistent boundaries for behaviour and work with parents to make sure the boundaries are the same at home and in my setting. I have behaviour policy in place and also I discuss behaviour issues with parents e.

g. recently I talked to mum about “ what we should do about pushing another children”. I do ensure the suitability and safety of outdoor and indoor spaces, furniture, equipment and toys we use in our daily activities (they need to be clean, safe, age appropriate).

I try to keep the boundaries clear about safety issues so children know what is or is not allowed and why – books are great support. To help them feel some sense of control over their day I do give them choices e. g. what they will do or even let them choose not to join in when everybody else is moving do some activites, I do provide plate of different fruit, snack etc. I installed safety gate, door stoppers, safe corners, cupboards locks, electrical cover. However I try to build on children’s individual knowledge and ability to identify safety issues e. .

I thought the child who has been in my care how to get down one step which is between hall and sleeping room in the safety way. I have got first aid kit and fire blanket . My fire alarm is checked regularly and I do practise fire procedure and keep the record of it so children are familiar with the routine in case of fire (we do practise every 6 months). All the people over 16 who live in my premises are CRB checked (as required by The Children Act 2004 and Ofsted) and I do have visitor’s book in place.Also it is very important to me to meet children physical and emotional needs.

I do help children to be healthy: -by building close, warm and supportive relationship -by providing opportunities to explore, play and learn in safe and secure environment -by making sure they have time and proper environment for sleep (their own cot) and rest (cushions, blanket in a quiet atmosphere) -by providing healthy, home made meals, snacks, drinks – let them choose e. g. fruit, snacks -by promoting healthy habits like washing hands by promoting physical activities (we visit parks, sure start children centre outdoor space) -I help children to be healthy by not accepting children with infectious disease in my setting and I always inform parents as soon as possible if I am or my partner is unwell; I do have policy when a child is unwell in place. To help children communicate with others I try to help children to understand their and others feelings (e.

g. by role play, by beeing a role model, by clear boundaries. ) ENJOY AND ACHIEVEObservation of the children in my care let me feel that he makes progress towards the early learning goals in relation to his starting points, capabilities. I do note they progress in the diary shared with parents on the daily basis. I do take photos and put in child’s achievement book which is shared with parents as well.

A child in my care seems still to be very intrested in what we are doing, responds very well and is developing his skills in diffrent areas of learning constantly. STAY SAFE Even a child in my care is still relatively young he seems to develop his understanding of safe issues (e. . says ‘no’ when pointing on the cooker, go down the step beetween sleeping room and the hall in the safe way , they know we do not jump on beds, they know he needs to be strapped in the pushchair ). They understand well our daily routine .

Also they seem to be very close to me, giving hugs, kisses. I do my best to let them feel that my setting is ‘home from home’. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Children in my care follow routine and seem to have already gained some healthy habits such as good hygiene practices (washing hands e. g.

before eating) .They enjoys wide range of physical activities (playing ball, running on the grass, driving a toy car or jumping the trampoline, beeing on the bike, clumbing, pushing a buggy etc). They are not old enough to understand the importance of phisical activities but enjoy it and have builded the habit so far. POSSITIVE CONTRIBUTION Children in my care show very possitive attitudes towards learning, participation, cooperation (I do praise children a lot (their effort as well as achievement)so they can develop positive attitudes to themselves as learners).I try to encourage well behaving, sharing skills, respecting each others and in my opinion it is going well unless there are moments children find hard to share, to behave well due to their age (e. g.

26 months old girl finds hard sharing the toy she wants to play with at the moment but I do still encourage it in the positive way). A child in my care approach other people very well, has been very social. Also I do explain children how important is to respect each others needs e. g. being a role model, by role play.

I do provide opportunity to make choices and decisions e. g. by providing diffrent activities, fruit at snack time, books, color of the paper to do the picture, toys they want to play, the order of the activities and a child in my care likes to choose. FUTURE SKILLS I try to help children to make as much progress as they can by providing activities in relation to their starting points, capabilities and interests and I am so happy they if they make progress. They extend his knowledge and understanding the world by different experiences (e. .

working with diffrent materials, attending children centre) and is developing ability to solve problems (e. g. by doing insert in puzzle – sometimes need some support; by discovering shapes). They flourishe in terms of creative development and it is not only through music, dance, art, but also by doing new things he invented for themself (last week 26 months girl used lifts to cooking). I will to my best to support them in his journey through early years fondation stage. LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT – AMBITON, IMPROVEMENTI try to organize the childminding service I provide the best I can but also my ambition is to improve it after reflecting my practice in terms to improve outcomes for children and to increase my confidence. I set up realistic but challenging targets and try to put my plans into practice all the time (e.

g. I have started cache level 3 diploma course on May as I planned couple months ago). I try to work closely with my coordinator and early years officer in my borough to share my plans for improvements and I do receive support from them.

Also I do share my plans, like recent my course, with parents and they support me (e. g. parents understand and respect that Friday is my study day and never ask me to work extra in that day). I try to work closely with other professionals working in sure start centre I do attend regulary and I am happy they are approachable and helpful, e. g. they helped me with observation and planning.

Children who is in my care is not attending any any other provision so I have not had a chance to cooperate with them but I would be very happy to do so if they start.EQUALITY, DIVERSITY Equal opportunity and diversity is very important to me. Children from all cultural backgrounds are very welcome in my setting and each child is treated with fairness and respect.

I recognise that we can all learn from children, families and each other. I want the children in my care to learn high standards of behaviour and a respect for other people. Name calling, racist and sexist remarks are not acceptable in my setting and will always be challenged.I do have equal opportunities policy in place, provide copy of it for the parents in the welcome pack and I do ask them to talk to me if they have any concerns about it.

Otherwise I do wish them to sign it. There are no groups of children who may be excluded from my setting by my policy but I do recognise technical problem for individuals using wheelchairs as my flat has steps to sleeping room and toilet. I feel that listening to parents, observing a child in my care, planning for him according to his intrests, stage of development and sharing it with the parents promote his development.I do want children in my care to have positive approach to differences so I try to have resources reflecting differences (books, puzzles, games). PARTNERSHIP I do provide a welcome pack for new parents with information about me, with my policies which they can take home and read in their own peace. Also I try to be open and flexible.

I do inform parents about their children’s achievements and progress by making diary on the daily basis, by talking to them every day, by child’s photos with description, by child’s art work.I do encourage parents to share what they know about their child, particularly when the child first starts to attend. Also I encourage parents to be involved in supporting their children’s learning and development by sharing with them my observation and planning, my knowledge e. g. I would like to liaise with external agencies or services with the parents to ensure a child gets the support they need. As I look after children who do not use any other providers delivering the EYFS I haven’t got a chance to do it apart from sharing a diary I make with dietician child used to see regulary.

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