The Century Quilt is a poem written by Marilyn Nelson Waniek

The Century Quilt is a poem written by Marilyn Nelson Waniek

The Century Quilt is a poem written by Marilyn Nelson Waniek. This poem is split into 3 stanzas.”My sister and I were in love with Meema’s Indian blanket” (line#2), that they were the Indian tribe of the Americans Indians and also the Native American Tribe.The narrator shows a passion over this quilt.The quilt represents the past,present and the future. This poem represents heritage and identify. Heritage because this quilt has been passed down for generations and identify,because some people can totally relate to this. Shows some past memories of the Quilt.”I remembered how I’d planned to inherit at play in its folds and be chieftains and princesses”(Line,10). This is talking about the past and the passing of the quilt.
The leafs probably represent each dream for each family member”Six Van Dyke brown squares,two white ones,and square the yellow brown of Mama’s check”(line 15).Imagery is used with the different colors on the quilt.The quilt means a lot,because it means family. The squares on the blanket represent, memories of childhood and family memories of the past. The quilt is about nature,color and dreams.Colors are imagery,because it expresses the different types of color in the poem. Each color on the quilt represents each person in the family and their personalities.Imagine is dreaming and thinking about being at peace. The structure is the sibilance and shits.
The tone of this poem is emotional,hopeful,happy and reflecting.They are the Native American tribes of Oklahoma.Mama hopes that one day for her to meet her son one day and she hopes for the future that the quilt can bring them together. The speaker shows love through culture and family. She wants to pass on the family quilt. She was dreaming about her past when she was still young.The loving memories as a small child.She is very proud of her heritage and her roots.

“Native American Tribes of Oklahoma.” Oklahoma Indian Tribes and Languages,

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