The central character is the grandmother

The central character is the grandmother

The central character is the grandmother. The story is told through her perspective
2. The main character, the grandmother, is a Round character. She has many characteristics that she shows throughout the story.
3. The antagonist is the Misfit.
4. The Misfit is a static character throughout the story. He is bad throughout, from the time the grandmother reads about him until he kills her in the end.
5. The story takes place in Atlanta and on the road to Florida, probably during the 1950’s. The grandmother still wears her straw sailor hat and white gloves. She also calls a Black child a “pickaninny”. Racism was going strong in the south during that time.
6. The main conflict exists with Good vs Evil. The grandmother is very hypocritical. She claims to be a Christian woman but seems to have a slight sense of goodness. Being a decent person was about having good manners and coming from a family of the “right people”. When she encounters the Misfit, what a difference, she sees pure evil.
7. The point of view is Third Person Limited/Selective Omniscient. The story is told in the 3rd person and it centers on the grandmother. She is the only character whose point of view we get to read, although not much detail is provided. This leaves the reader with a lot of room for imagination.
8. When the grandmother reads in the newspaper that the Misfit is heading toward Florida, the same state where the family is going. This is one incident of foreshadowing. Also, another incident is after the accident the mother says, “Maybe a car will come along.” As a car does come along the grandmother waves her arms to attract it. Three men get out of the car. The grandmother shrieked….” You’re the Misfit!” The conversation between the grandmother and the Misfit foreshadows the events to come.
9. Initial Situation – There is an escaped convict on the loose but let’s take a trip.
Conflict – The car accident but nobody is killed. Yet.
Complication – The Misfit arrives and makes matters worse.
Climax – The grandmother’s moment of grace is the climax.
Suspense – The Misfit kills the grandmother.
Denouement – “Take her off and throw her where you thrown the others”
10. It’s a story of good, evil and divine grace.


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