The Cause and Effect of Selling Organs The cause and effect on the topic of organ sales is extending around the world

The Cause and Effect of Selling Organs The cause and effect on the topic of organ sales is extending around the world

The Cause and Effect of Selling Organs
The cause and effect on the topic of organ sales is extending around the world, it is not just something happening in foreign countries, it is all over and organ sales are illegal in all places with the exception of Iran. There are places that have had a big expansion in the black market for example, in Costa Rica humans selling their organs for a financial gain at times five thousand dollars up to twenty-thousand dollars. This has been going on for generations making it harder for law enforcement to find who these people are. Medical physicians and local citizens are hired as part of organizing an enormous crime system to sell these organs. (Pete Peterson, 2013). At this present time the only legal thing is organ donation some organs do have to be donated through people who are sick due to the fact that the body cannot function without them. There are some instances where the body does function with one functioning organ for example, kidneys people are able to live normal lives with one working kidney.
Furthermore, with the shortage of Organ donations people are willing to go to the extent of the law to get one if they need it especially the poor in which at times it is more common in the poor community. The black market for organ sales is very popular amongst the people in need. The black market is pretty much where a person can go when looking for something that is not legal. This causes many issues and there should be some sort of resolution in place that can resolve these issues. On the ethical viewpoint of human organ sales the effects are on every age group and every race the issues are factual and the people must understand that trafficking does exist and it is happening.
The debate that still stands is the substantial dispute with making the sales of organs legal. Being that the majority of people selling the organs are poor should we permit this to become legal? The effects of this decision could be considerably important due to having the poor as the main root of the industry which means the poor are being taken advantage of. Poor people are not in the best health at times due to the financial situation they do not get regular check-ups because they do not have health insurance due to the high premiums or high deductibles. If the sale of organs were to be legalized it would need to be divided equally amongst everyone not just the poor people. The ones who are against to legalize payments for organs are afraid familiar trade in this country would try to persuade the poor to sell their bodies in a literal sense (Electronic Ardell Wellness Report, 2002). The poor are under the impression that selling their bodies is the only way out of a financial situation the point of the matter here is that no one should ever have to feel that they must do something they do not want to do to provide for their loved ones. If this is an issue in this country then something needs to be done to focus on the real issue which is helping the poor or those in immediate need.
A conflicting case in the event of selling human organs would be making the sale of organs legal in the United States as well as all around the globe. “We should accept that we all form one body, we should conceive our bodies as gifts since we did not decide to be born. We have. We have been given life by others, because my body is never fully my own” (Rob Lawler, 2011). This is disputing the specifics that we should sustain body parts as presents and contends that it is a common thing to give up things such as organs so others can receive them. A second dispute in this case is to legalize organ sales there is a shortage on organ donations and the donor is the lawful owner of what their organs, and tissues are worth they have the authority to share with the industry. The literature campaigning for the dismissal of limitations of organ and tissue sales has primarily done so for the reason that it has given justification for the need to get rid of the organ shortage (Boyer, 2012).
Moreover, while there is a shortage of organ donations at this time in the defense of these disagreements if it is made legal there would have to be law and regulations protecting this law. There are some circumstances in regards to the laws of organ sales at this time to help in keeping them off the black market it are difficult to find the traffickers to stop them to make this issue better. There are several things that go against making organ sales legal for example it is the human body part, in which it should be treated with quality and respect. Selling an organ or any body part is offensive and exploitation to the person, even if they made a personal choice to do so.


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