Title 0.57 (08/08/01)————————-Added the Car List Sorted by

Title 0.57 (08/08/01)————————-Added the Car List Sorted by

Title Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec FAQ/Strategy Guide Platform PlayStation 2 Version v1.01 Authors Brett “Nemesis” Franklin / OrochiJin – Tim Garza E-Mail emailprotected / emailprotected Plug http://nemmysresource.

cjb.net Updated August 26th, 2001The-chart-that-shows-what’s-in-this-FAQ:i. Legal Stuffii. Updates/Revision History01. Driving TechniquesCar InformationUltimate Car Setup GuideCar Upgrading TipsHow to earn fast cash02. General Strategies03. Simulation ModeGetting StartedLicense Test GuideQuick Prize GuideRace / Prize ListTuning Information04.

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Arcade ModeTracks05. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)06. Gameshark Codes===============================================================================i. Legal Stuff===============================================================================This FAQ can only appear on the following sites (w/out having to ask me):GameFAQS ;www.gamefaqs.com;CoreMagazine ;www.

coremagazine.com;GameSages ;www.gamesages.com;Vgstrategies.com ;http://vgstrategies.about.

com;GameShark.com ;www.gameshark.com;FAQ Domain ;http://nemmysresource.cjb.net;Happy Puppy ;http://www.

happypuppy.com;ZDNet/Videogames.com ;http://www.videogames.

com;___________________________NOT WWW.FRESHBAKEDGAMES.COM_________________________If anyone finds it on any other site or MegaGames.com, please inform me ASAP.

E-Mail Address: emailprotected, emailprotectedCopyright:Copyright 2000-2001 Brett “Nemesis” Franklin and Tim Garza. This FAQand everything included within this file cannot be reproduced inany way, shape or form (physical, electronical, or otherwise) aside frombeing placed on a freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in it’s original,unedited and unaltered format. This FAQ cannot be used for profitablepurposes (even if no money would be made from selling it) or promotionalpurposes. It cannot be used in any sort of commercial transaction.

Itcannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., with a purchaseas this creates incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.===============================================================================ii. Updates/Revision History===============================================================================Version 1.01 (08/26/01)————————-Added the Quick Prize List from Jeff Evans, which just lists each race andthe car(s) you win from it. Very easy to use, thanks Jeff!Version 1.

00 (08/19/01)————————-Fully completed the “Race/Prize Guide”, finally. Everything is now completein the guide, save for a few things in the Arcade Mode section of the FAQ.I might add this stuff later, but it’s doubtful.

Version 0.57 (08/08/01)————————-Added the Car List Sorted by PriceVersion 0.55 (07/28/01)————————-Updated the Race/Prize List through Amatuer ModeVersion 0.50 (07/23/01)————————-Updated the “Ultimate Car Setups Guide” and updated the Race/Prize ListVersion 0.

49 (07/20/01)————————-Updated the “Ultimate Car Setups Guide” and updated the Race/Prize List, aswell as the Arcade Mode section.Version 0.47 (07/18/01)————————-Updated the “Ultimate Car Setups Guide”Version 0.46 (07/17/01)————————-Updated the “Ultimate Car Setups Guide” and updated the Race/Prize ListVersion 0.

45 (07/17/01)————————-Updated the “Ultimate Car Setups Guide” with 4 new car setups, and addedthe Rally License Test guideVersion 0.40 (07/17/01)————————-Updated the “How To Win Fast Cash” section and the Race/Prize ListVersion 0.39 (07/16/01)————————-Added the “Ultimate Car Setups Guide” section, which is very helpfulVersion 0.35 (07/16/01)————————-Added the “How To Make Quick Cash” section, and updated various sections ofthe guide.

Version 0.30 (07/15/01)————————-Added the I-A License Test Guide, and some more strategies in the “CarInformation” section!Version 0.25 (07/15/01)————————-Updated the Race/Prize List, and added the “Ultimate Rally Car Setup”, whichis very helpful.Version 0.

24 (07/14/01)————————-Added the “Gameshark Codes” section to the guideVersion 0.23 (07/13/01)————————-Updated the Race/Prize Guide and the Different Drivetrains in the CarInformation sectionVersion 0.22 (07/13/01)————————-Added the “Getting Started” section to the Simulation Mode part of the FAQ.This will help those of you who just bought the game and don’t know what todo first.

Version 0.21 (07/13/01)————————-Added the FAQ sectionVersion 0.20 (07/13/01)————————-Updated the Arcade Mode section, and added the International-B LicensestrategiesVersion 0.15 (07/12/01)————————-Added the Tuning Information, updated the Race/Prize List, and added theCar Information mini-section.

Version 0.10 (07/11/01)————————-Everything before your beautiful eyes.===============================================================================01. – Driving Techniques -===============================================================================Controls:-=-=-=-=-=-Logitech Steering wheel controls:———————————-Wheel – Turn Left and rightMoves cursor left and right during selectionsLeft Wheel Tab – DownshiftMoves Cursor up during selectionsChange car camera is focused on in ReplayRight Wheel Tab – UpshiftMoves Cursor down during selections

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