The bible claims that God is incomprehensible

The bible claims that God is incomprehensible

The bible claims that God is incomprehensible, meaning that humankind cannot know everything there is to know about the immaterial and eternal being. Catholics follow the belief that God is the supreme being that is the father, the sun and the holy spirit. The Catholic church meaning the universal church is headed by the bishop of Rome, also formally known as the Pope. The Catholic church stretches back as far as the beginning of time, it is believed to be one of the ancient religious organizations in history. The church is claimed to be established by Jesus Christ through Peter, as Jesus said to him “upon this rock I will build my church”(MT 16″18-19) suggesting that through Peter he will build and spread his practice. Catholics conclude that God’s greatest purpose is to create a complex, solid and efficient relationship with humankind. In the light of the fact that Catholics believe in heaven and hell further suggests that they also believe in purgatory which is the cleansing of the human soul before entering eternal life with God. Eternal life has been promised in Titus 1:2 to anyone who serves and obeys God. In gods words within the bible it is claimed that you may know, believe and understand that he, himself is the almighty God, before him no god was formed nor shall there be any after him (Is 43:10). With Catholicism immensely growing it is currently the largest Christian church with approximately 1.3 billion baptized Catholics worldwide as of 2016, with this resulting in a large number of amount of people that actively believe
in God. In the final analysis, the evidence of God’s existence is based on the theological and spiritual teaching of the bible which is that God is the base for the stable and holy abundance of the Catholic church, this belief serves to be more elaborate and ritualistic than its Protestant counterparts.


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